The control cm20ic canteen consumption machine Dining Hall machine cm50cm60 school canteen card machines wireless wifi

The control cm20ic canteen consumption machine Dining Hall machine cm50cm60 school canteen card machines wireless wifi

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Attendance brand: Zkteco
  • Model: CM20
  • Attendance Type: proximity card (IC / ID / RF card) type
  • Color Classification: cm20 cm20 standard containing standard + card dispenser cm20 standard + WIFI wireless transmission (Cheap) cm20 containing card issuer standard + + wireless transmission WIFI (Special) cm50 cm50 Standard Standard Standard + card issuer cm60 cm60 standard + card dispenser
  • Access authentication method: credit card
  • Service: Genius

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The RF control ic card spending machine

product description:

CM20 is in control technology introduced a set of consumer features, treasury functions, subsidy-in-one consumer machines. The product is the industry's first to have biometric-enabled consumer machine, European and American streamlined design style, with a standard TCP / IP protocol enables cross-network segment, cross-gateway network, a plurality of standard USB ports, convenient to facilitate networking customers to download data, built-in lithium ion battery 7.4V2000mAh efficient to ensure the normal use and reliable customer data after power failure using the control's proprietary parallel high-speed 32-bit RSIC chips, the first in the industry to use a dual data protection features of the product in strict accordance with international design standards, using RoHS components, through a number of safety tests. the product can be realized consumption function / cashier function / switching function between subsidies for the use of customer convenience. the self-developed control system ZKEpos 2.0 powerful features will re-establish the standard in the industry, including a number of biometric (including subsequent facial recognition) options, and even use biometric security authentication query and other functions, the system uses the internationally popular SSR self-concept

Product Features:
· The firmware uses 32 core processors, superior performance

· Software architecture using C / S structure

· Background database using mysql

· Dual display, dual keyboard


· Consumption patterns: Support for setting the amount, keys, total time, time, goods, accounting

Self-service: You can report the loss directly on the consumer machine, the solution linked, change passwords

· Operating modes: real-time and offline consumer support

· Card settings: for different cards and consumer machines limited time, limit the useful life, you can not dine restrictions, consumer discounts, privileges and other machines

· Error correction: Correction support machine last everyone a consumer records, while supporting error correction in software

· Voice playback: broadcast whether consumer credit card spending and the success of other tips voice

· Administrator / Operator management: enables administrators to manage the machine.

· Batch consumption: eating batches, lots of different people in different time periods dining dining

· Break setting: Support for multiple time segments value

* Single supplement: Support staff did not take the first meal card, and then supplemented single

Support for multiple restaurants and department permission: assign permissions, the operator can only operate this machine and data in this restaurant or this sector

· Offer recharge: Get a set ratio, the proportion of recharge under preferential

· Recharge mode: setting the amount

· Recharge Type: support recharge and refund refund is no preferential scale.

When the cumulative amount of subsidies subsidies, the amount of subsidies for different months were together subsidies, or only subsidize month: · cumulative subsidies

· Subsidies cleared: The subsidy amount on the card will be cleared to prevent the use of the subsidy amount in the next one month

· Press the OK key subsidies: when the user subsidy and press OK subsidies, otherwise a credit card on subsidies


Core board



128 * 64 black and white screen, white backlight

communication method

TCP / IP, 485/232, USB-host

USB Interface

Standard two

card type

Mifare card

User number


power supply

DC 12V 1.5A

Recording capacity (consumption, recharge, subsidies, other)

<= 100,000

External fingerprint reader function


Operating temperature

-20℃ - 60℃

Working humidity



Long 340mm wide and 201mm high 90mm


1000g (Weight)