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In the control of wisdom cm20ic consumer machine | network canteen Shoufan school school canteen credit card machine wireless wifi

In the control of wisdom cm20ic consumer machine | network canteen Shoufan school school canteen credit card machine wireless wifi
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Product parameters:

  • Attendance machine brand: Zkteco
  • Model: CM20
  • Attendance machine type: proximity card (IC / ID / RF card) type
  • Color classification: cm20 standard + send 10 IC card cm20 standard + card issuer + send 10 IC card cm20 standard + custom WIFI + send 10 IC card cm20 standard + card issuer + custom WIFI + send 10 IC card cm50 Standard cm50 standard + hair feeder cm60 standard cm60 standard + card issuer cm60 standard + custom WIFI cm60 standard + card issuer + custom WIFI cm20 standard + BS version (card)
  • Service: Genius

Ic RF card consumption machine

product description:

CM20 is A consumer function, the cashier function, the subsidy function in one of the consumer machine.The product is the industry's first biometric function of the consumer machine, the use of European and American streamlined design style, with a standard TCP / IP communication protocol can be achieved across the network Segment, cross-gateway networking, standard USB port, for the convenience of network users to download data to facilitate, built-in 7.4V2000mAh lithium-ion battery efficient data protection and reliable use of the customer after the use of parallel high-speed 32-bit RSIC Chip, the first in the industry to use a dual data protection function, the product in strict accordance with international design standards, the use of RoHS components, through a number of security testing. The product can be achieved consumption / cashier function / subsidy between the switch, The use of the ZKEpos 2.0 system will re-establish standards in the industry, including a number of biometrics (including follow-up facial recognition) options, and even the use of biometric authentication authentication and other functions, the system uses The international popular SSR self-help design concept

The firmware uses 32-bit kernel processor, superior performance

The software architecture uses the C / S structure

Background database using mysql

Dual display, double keyboard operation


· Consumption model: support value, amount, key, count, timing, merchandise, accounting

Self-help operation: you can directly on the consumer machine reported loss, solution, modify the password

· Work mode: support offline and real-time consumption

· Card set: the different cards and consumer machine limit, limit, effective use, meals can be used, consumer discounts, machine permissions and other restrictions

· Error correction function: support the machine to correct each person's last consumption record, while supporting the software to correct

· Voice playback: credit card consumption is broadcast if the success of consumption and other tips and other voice

· Administrator / Operator Management: Support the administrator to manage the machine.

Batch consumption: batches of meals, different batches of people in different dining time meal

• Segment setting: Supports multiple time segment ratings

· Dump: support no card with the staff first meal, and then fill a single

· Support for multi-restaurant and departmental authority: allocation of authority, the operator can only operate the restaurant or the department's machines and data

· Preferential value: Set the discount ratio, according to the preferential ratio of recharge

· Recharge mode: support the value, the amount of money

· Recharge type: support recharge and refund. Refund is no discount ratio

· Accumulated subsidies: when the cumulative subsidies, the amount of subsidies for different months to be a subsidy, or can only subsidize the amount of subsidies that month

· Clear subsidy: When the subsidy is made, the amount of the card is cleared to prevent the amount of the subsidy from being used in the next month

Press the OK key to subsidize: the user in the subsidy, press the OK button to subsidize, or a credit card subsidies

Product Specifications:

Core board


Display screen

128 * 64 black and white screen, white backlight

communication method

TCP / IP, 485/232, USB-host

USB interface

Standard two

card type

Mifare card

User number


power supply

DC 12V 1.5A

Record capacity (consumption, recharge, subsidy, others)

<= 10 million

External fingerprint reader function


Operating temperature

-20 ℃ - 60 ℃

Working humidity



Length 340mm Width 201mm Height 90mm


1000g (net weight)