Sun room glass windows insulation film factory roof shade cooling film sunscreen no glue can be removed reflective

Sun room glass windows insulation film factory roof shade cooling film sunscreen no glue can be removed reflective

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: RUONENG / Nuo Neng
  • Item No .: FGM-001
  • Color: Accessories: Reinforced suction cups; 10 reflective film 140cm wide fixed, 1 m price Accessories: Beijiao magic buckle 1 meter price Edge must be: aluminum foil tape roll 25 meters reflective film 70cm wide fixed, 1 meter reflective film 90cm wide fixed, 1 m price Edge must be: a roll of foil tape 17 m reflective film 50cm wide, 1 m price of reflective film 120cm wide 1 m reflective film 100cm wide and 1 meter price
  • Pattern: No pattern
  • Number of pieces: 1 piece
  • Size: Large
  • Pricing unit: meters

Buy must-read: according to the width of different, 1-meter price, shoot a few pieces is a few meters, the length is continuous. Are equipped with instructions!

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Reflective insulation film: 2-4mm thick, the best insulation effect, more than 95% UV, light transmittance of about 15% of the high light transmission is not suitable for a friend Oh

1. Adhesive method: the side window smooth glass, self-adhesive electrostatic use more convenient, transparent bubble side of the water attached to the glass, (the water inside the detergent can increase the adsorption capacity), can be removed at any time without leaving traces . Connaught to bubble type sunscreen paste method Address: Http: // vyoukucom / v_show / id_XOTM3MDMwNjg0html? Firsttime = 0

2. General posted indoor, convenient, then affixed to the outdoor sunscreen better insulation, it is recommended that the use of outdoor adhesive tape edge banding and splicing on it. (Outdoor roof glass adhesive tape or you can fix your own fixed Oh)

3. If it is affixed to indoor glass roof, the proposed use of suction cups and aluminum foil tape fixed, effective, solid!

4. Summer use of opaque reflective insulation film cooling effect than the light-type insulation film cooling effect is better, the use of translucent-type insulation film in winter warming effect than the reflection type insulation film heating effect is better. Form of heat in summer by the reflective type of insulation film in the window to help reduce the temperature, while the winter translucent insulating film allows heat radiation into the room to help improve the temperature.

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