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Anti-blue light anti-fingerprint! Charm Wind | millet 3 tempered glass film | M three M3 high-definition mobile phone proof foil

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: MEUPN / charm wind
  • Model: mem3
  • Material: tempered glass
  • Film Features: Anti-fingerprint HD
  • Film type: the former membrane
  • (Standard Edition) 'plating' ion plating, 30% more than the standard version of anti-fingerprint (to send the standard version) 'eye version' effective (standard version) 'standard version of' nano-coating, feel smooth, (Standard version) 'Warm Tip' to send a standard version, two and then 9 fold ', the standard version of the' very thin version '0.15mm arc edge, closer to the more thin (send standard version) Tip items do not shoot '
  • Applicable brands: MIUI / millet