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Autumn men's casual pants plus velvet thick pants pants Korean elastic Harlan long pants Japan and South Korea large yards men's tide

Autumn men's casual pants plus velvet thick pants pants Korean elastic Harlan long pants Japan and South Korea large yards men's tide
Product code: 8181400030
Unit price 14.1$
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Product parameters:

  • Listed Year Season: 2016 Summer
  • Material Composition: Cotton 100%
  • Pants Length: trousers
  • Product No .: WZKZ1026
  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Color: 918 Black 918 Army Green 918 Gray 918 Velvet Black 918 Velvet Army Green 918 Velvet Gray 916 Black 916 Gray 916 Army Green 921 Blue 921 Gray 921 Black
  • Size: 29 30 31 32 34 36 33 28 35
  • Style details: pocket decoration
  • Process: non-iron treatment
  • Brand: L. B. HOMME
  • Main material content: cotton
  • Cotton content: 90% (including) -95% (including)
  • Applicable season: winter
  • Applicable scene: Other leisure
  • Suitable for: youth
  • Elasticity: high elasticity
  • Waist type: in the waist
  • Thickness: Conventional
  • Time to market: 2016
  • Style: Harlan pants
  • Clothing version type: Slim
  • Trousers mouth style: Straight
  • Basic style: youth pop
  • Subdivision style: tide
  • Color: Other
  • Fabric: Other
  • pattern: plain

Casual pants seems to have appeared on the no longer leave the fashion arena, it is changing the character so you can not figure out but obsessed with them,

Presumably your wardrobe should not be less than it, it is not mediocre ordinary status must let you love and hate.

No matter how the wind blowing fashion, regardless of how fierce price competition, always adhere to the quality and simplicity is our life.

Cotton twill Khaki fine and delicate
Natural pollution-free cotton, green, practice the idea of ​​a healthy life,
In the process of spinning than carded yarn to increase the process of fine carding, remove the cotton impurities,

Only a process to determine the overall texture of the fabric, so that more resilient cotton fiber, not easy to play ball.
Fabric weaving through changes in the formation of light and dark twill, positive and negative are rich texture sense,
High-density yarn count specifications woven, fabric texture, soft, delicate smooth, while a unique sense of gloss.

Straight cut neat
Classic straight version of the type, after hundreds of parameters of the integration and feedback to the upper body neat does not procrastination of fashion sense.

Old cotton fabrics from carefully selected high-quality, in the workmanship of the natural to strive for excellence.
Clothing after a soft wash, in the washing process by adding a softener to make it feel more soft skin-friendly,
After washed clothing washed after the floating color has been removed, and to avoid the possibility of shrinkage of clothing and improve the comfort of wearing.

The appearance of many of the collision-color sets of processing to ensure the fastness of the pants also increased the overall vitality,

The back of the mouth hit the color roller is also echoed up and down with the waist, side of the small standard bag design makes the whole more leisurely vivid,
From the waist formation of the collision color rolling bag edge, to the inside of the fine bag seam processing, have demonstrated the exquisite workmanship of the heart.

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