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Spring and summer thin section of cotton baby socks children 's air - conditioned baby loft Gaotong knee - in - tube socks

Spring and summer thin section of cotton baby socks children 's air - conditioned baby loft Gaotong knee - in - tube socks
Product code: 8152500030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: According to Koudou
  • Socks type: Gaotong socks
  • Item: AO snowflake anti-mosquito socks
  • Color Classification: Anti-mosquito socks, white mosquito socks, mosquito-proof socks, purple mosquito, mosquito socks, yellow mosquito, anti-mosquito socks, yellow mosquito, gray mosquito, anti-mosquito socks, gray, AO anti-mosquito socks, pink AO anti-mosquito socks, Mosquito socks white AO knee anti-mosquito socks blue snow anti-mosquito white snowflakes anti-mosquito pink snow anti-mosquito purple AO knee anti-mosquito socks yellow AO knee anti-mosquito socks orange AO knee anti-mosquito socks white AO knee anti-mosquito socks pink AO knee defense Mosquito socks purple snowflakes anti-mosquito black
  • Applicable age: S0-1 years old (for foot length 10-12CM) M1-3 years old (for foot length 13-14CM) L3-5 years old (for foot length 14-16CM)
  • size: one size
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Applicable Gender: Neutral

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Before buying, please see: I am also a mother, I also give my baby to wear this stocking, sell the socks for so long I know my mother are most worried about what is afraid of socks Le baby legs, especially Is only a few months of the baby fleshy more, So I put all the links inside the song is socks , But then release the socks that is to do rubber band, or tube so long to wear can not afford to wear it? And the baby's activity is also a large anti-out, according to my own experience to the baby wearing socks, New socks at this time after receiving the socks is relatively important through some of the development of each baby is different, If the mothers feel tight legs tight first with a bowl of something like a few more hours after the wear, or cut the socks 2 rubber band, the new socks to wear more than a few times behind the mouth is also slowly loose some , You said the beginning of the mouth of the socks is very loose, not long after the back down has been lost? Fat baby wear the mother will be responsible for the case under the treatment of their baby under the socks, if you think the baby may be le but do not deal with the baby under the socks hard to wear, and then give me a bad comment that Legs, I can only say that the mother is not responsible, Very fat baby (such as 6 months weight there are 30 pounds) Please carefully shot!

Note: the length of different styles of stockings will be a little difference Oh careful shooting