Spring and summer long thin section cotton baby socks children relent air conditioning baby Gaotong knee Socks 1 pair

Spring and summer long thin section cotton baby socks children relent air conditioning baby Gaotong knee Socks 1 pair

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brands: Kou beans
  • Socks Category: High Socks
  • Item No: AO mosquito snowflake socks
  • Color: white socks twist twist mosquito mosquito mosquito socks pink socks purple twist twist yellow snowflake socks mosquito mosquito mosquito cannabis gray gray socks pink socks mosquito AO AO AO mosquito mosquito blue socks socks anti-yellow AO AO mosquito socks white socks kneepad mosquito mosquito blue snowflake white snowflake pink snowflake mosquito mosquito mosquito purple socks yellow AO AO kneepad kneepad kneepad AO mosquito mosquito orange socks socks white socks pink AO AO kneepad kneepad anti-mosquito mosquito mosquito black socks purple snowflakes
  • For ages: S0-1 years (for foot length 10-12CM) M1-3 years (for foot length 13-14CM) L3-5 years (for foot length 14-16CM)
  • size: one size
  • Season: Summer
  • To apply a gender: Neutral

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Do not send film from his own remarks to the color on it

Buy only send events with links baby

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No goods random hair color) Mind carefully shot.

Please take a look before buying: I am also a mother, I also give my baby to wear such stockings, socks sell this for so long I know what mothers are most worried about is the baby's legs socks port of Le fear, especially It is only a few months baby fleshy more, So I put all the links are to relent socks But then relent socks rubber band that is to be done, otherwise after such a long tube can not afford to put it? And the baby's activity levels also have a large anti-out, based on my own experience for the baby to wear socks, after receiving this new socks when worn socks is relatively more important thing, each baby is different developmental, If mothers feel tight first leg with Le sized stays the same thing more than a few hours before wearing the socks or cut two rubber bands, new socks to wear a few times behind the mouth also will slowly loose some of the You say socks mouth outset very loose, I do not wear long been back down off? Fat baby wearing a responsible mother would be treated according to their own baby's situation under the socks, if you think your baby may be put under the Le and do not deal with hard to baby wear socks, then give me a poor comment Le legs, I can only say that my mother is very responsible, Very fat baby (such as six months have 30 pounds of body weight), please carefully shot!

Note: The different styles will be a little difference in length stockings recommendations carefully shot Oh