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KD-36/32 proximity card attendance machine | ID card | credit card attendance machine | Kemi punch card machine

KD-36/32 proximity card attendance machine | ID card | credit card attendance machine | Kemi punch card machine
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Kemi KD-36
  • Attendance machine brand: COMET / Section Mi
  • Kemi Model: KD-36
  • Attendance type: proximity card (IC / ID / RF card) type
  • Access authentication: credit card
  • After-sales service: Genius

This machine needs to use the ID card link

Cartridge link is

product description

Flagship series of attendance card access control machines, and enterprises with the attendance,

Attendance access control, office attendance access control and record times dining and other powerful features.

At the same time support RS232 / WG26 expansion interface, easy to achieve the card system expansion needs.

Has a strong access control management, 16 levels * 32 time period

Access control, to ensure that at least 4 times a day limit.

Product Features

Storage capacity (to support the largest number of 5,000 people registered, up to 80,000 credit card records);

Support real-time monitoring;

Support access control function (with bilateral door and time control);

Support expansion interface (RS232 / WG26)


Various types of enterprises and institutions attendance and attendance access solutions

Technical Parameters

Storage capacity of 2MB

The number of registered 5000

Record number of 80,000

Personal Short Message 30

Public Short Message 10

Display 128 × 64LCD (4 lines of Chinese large LCD)

Adapt to the card EM ID

Reading time <0.6S

Sensing distance 6-12cm

Ring function (weekly cycle, set up 16 groups per day)

Card reader interface format RS232 / WG26

Time period support (16 groups, weekly)

Keyboard there

Access control function support

Bilateral door support

Open the way credit card

Communication mode RS232 TCP / IP networking

Communication baud rate 19200bps

U disk capture is not supported

Real-time clock with

Net weight 0.76kg

Gross weight 1.3 kg

Machine dimensions 175 x 130 x 50 mm

Package size 276 x 226 x 101mm

Input voltage DC12V

Power <3W

Ambient temperature 0 ℃ - +45 ℃

Ambient humidity 20% - 80% RH