Touchpad Touchpad Gamepad Wireless Street Basket Box Cross Firewire

Touchpad Touchpad Gamepad Wireless Street Basket Box Cross Firewire

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: PXS-9603
  • Brand: Laishida
  • Model: PXN-9603
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • Suitable for: android platform
  • Color Classification: pink piano black ceramic white
  • Handle characteristics: vibration
  • Interface type: USB

Across multiple platforms to enjoy the massive game

Smart 3 Wireless Edition (PXN-9603) used Without delay 2.4G wireless transmission technology; built-in lithium battery charging and intelligent power; X360 standard handle architecture, all Compatible with OTG-enabled mobile phones and Andrews stand by Tianmao magic box, millet box, music as television, millet TV and many other intelligent system based on the smart TV, network set-top box (Does not support Apple ios system); PC computer, Compatible with all windows (XP / win7 / 8/10) system of the computer (laptop / desktop) to use, Plug and Play PC PC XBOX360 class porting game (GTA5, Wizard 3, live 2015, assassin's creed, etc.), play some large games need to install the driver, driver download and tutorial guide visit Official website : Http: // wwwe-pxncomcn /

Super after-sales service: 7 days no reason to return, 15 days warranty returns, 90 days warranty replacement, 2-year factory maintenance;