2016 T-Shirt Holiday Seaside Charm Slits Smoke Purple Print Chiffon Skirt Set Beach Skirt Set

2016 T-Shirt Holiday Seaside Charm Slits Smoke Purple Print Chiffon Skirt Set Beach Skirt Set

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material composition: polyester fiber 100%
  • Waist type: natural waist
  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Item No .: QCLR8092
  • Style: sweet
  • Sweet: Bohemia
  • Brand: Colorful Beauty Pretty Finn
  • Skirt type: A word skirt
  • Skirt Length: the long skirt
  • Pattern: color
  • Material: polyester
  • Component content: 95% or more
  • Year Season: 2016 Summer
  • Color Classification: single skirt suit "skirt + coat" long sleeve suit "long sleeve + skirt"
  • Size: S M L XS XL elastic waist

TAG: Charming slits smoky purple printed chiffon big dress

Among the many colors of fabric samples, the first eye to see this piece of fashionable large area of ​​smoke purple, bare pink, fog black printing and dyeing printed fabrics. Printed clothes have a characteristic, at first glance does not mean that long Time to maintain the initial beautiful results, this piece of fabric I saw a full two months, or to maintain the first glance of its favorite, even more and more like the summer is of course a must be light and beautiful season, so This piece of fabric inspired me to move, that is, want to do a special style to everyone.

Out of the first dress or feel enough, really like the printing of the fabric is so much, plus a lot of buyers say private messages say it is very appropriate to do big dress, the general style I can not easily try , So the first to make a version out of their own to wear to see, did not expect to put on the side of the friends also said very good to see very much like it is satisfied that the position of its slits, skirt in the side, the general normal Standing or walking a small part of its slits will not be obvious, take a little faster or a little breeze, skirt slits will come out, very low-key will make people feel when walking very stunning. Cost of fabric, a skirt to use 2Meters to do more than the cost of dress material, we can actually receive after the skirt to see the amount of quite large.

The skirt has a short skirt lining, so be sure to open leg, will not emptied .I generally according to their own which face looks better than the other side to decide the direction of the slits to wear on which side (be careful ^_^) This skirt with the current on the new half-sleeve tShirt with a very temperament, regardless of black and white can be with a very good-looking, if the body is great girls, you can try to wear a shoulder vest or a small Bra to match it, are out of color Oh.

This paragraph is a high waist skirt: the amount of waist waist to the amount of the finest place oh! O (∩ _ ∩) O

XS skirt length 83 Waist 64 "to meet the sub is not very high mm"

S Skirt Length 93 Waist 64

M Skirt Length 95 Waist 68

L Skirt Length 97 Waist 72

The good news: In order to like this skirt mm can wear now has produced XL code: XL skirt length 93 Waist 76-93cm "elastic waist 130-150 kg can be worn to have the spot can be shipped normally" as a limited number of custom-made first shot Oh. Otherwise, and so the next batch of oh new long-sleeved Set has a large number of cash