Allie Fendt 2016 spring and summer new clutch bag Korean female tide Ms. Messenger bag mini bag

Allie Fendt 2016 spring and summer new clutch bag Korean female tide Ms. Messenger bag mini bag

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2015 summer
  • Size: Small
  • Fashions Name: Shell Pack
  • Applicable: Youth
  • Style: Clutch
  • Take packet mode: hand Shoulder Messenger
  • Texture: Other
  • Ask carry parts Type: the soft
  • Closed way: zipper
  • Internal structure: zipper pocket cell phone pocket document bag
  • Luggage bag type: Cover bags
  • Popular elements: diamond
  • pattern: plain
  • Color Classification: Pop ~ g color system (small amount of cash) g color - Urban Jungle (small spot) color ~ g ~ midsummer midsummer passion series apricot series meters apricot passion - passion series of summer pink yellow ~ ~ midsummer midsummer series Passion Passion Series beige - urban jungle (spot) light pink - urban jungle (stock) purple passion series ~ summer ~ summer passion red (small spot) g ~ fan color ink butterfly Movies (Limited stock) yellow - urban jungle (spot) color ~ g diamond Discovering (small amount of cash)
  • Whether the sandwich: None
  • Bags hardness: Soft
  • Whether folding: No
  • Condition: New
  • Applicable scene: Leisure
  • Brand: ALIAFANT / Allie Fendt
  • Product Number: YA2012S
  • Style: sweet lady
  • Shape: square cross-section
  • Strap styles: single
  • Lining Material: Polyester

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