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Ultraviolet Fluorescent Detector Lamp | Mini Portable Pen Counting Lamp |

Ultraviolet Fluorescent Detector Lamp | Mini Portable Pen Counting Lamp |
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  • Brand: Xier
  • Model: 355

At present, only black default black, the current distribution for the 5 super high-capacity battery, Tibet, Xinjiang Province, two provinces due to courier problems can not send the battery

A switch instructions
1, the battery for the positive inward (lamp side), the negative outward (tail).
2, the switch in the tail, the switch function is a switch function, light switch is dimming function.
2. circuit board instructions
1, OUR flashlight using advanced constant current technology, can effectively solve the LED flashlight on the constant current requirements.
2, special tips: a. Do not overpressure, the voltage should not exceed 4.2V b. The battery is facing forward, do not reverse, or will burn board c. Note that the control of the torch temperature changes, to ensure heat d. Non-professionals Do not open the circuit board
3, the warranty note: open or deal with the circuit board is no longer warranty coverage.
Three. Battery instructions
1, the torch with No. 5 dry batteries.
4. Use of the torch
1, flashlight in use, according to the flashlight on the voltage and battery requirements to choose, do not indiscriminate use, to prevent burning bad circuit boards, different models, different voltage batteries do not use at the same time.
2, in use, when the flashlight brightness changes significantly to turn off the torch to prevent the battery over discharge.
3, cooling skills: flashlight in the use of the process, to ensure that the heat. Strongly require the battery is fully charged, it is best to use the second gear, so that the torch of the lamp and the battery to extend product life! Hand-held flashlight is the best Of the heat of the formula; recommended lit when the heat according to the flashlight in a timely manner heat or close, until the temperature down and then lit, in order to heat.
4, for the torch on the waterproof, shock and other instructions, to strengthen prevention.
5, the lamp cup wall to keep clean, absolutely can not be wiped by hand or hard objects; clear Chen lens on the fingerprints, cotton swabs can be used to clean the lens cleaner.
6, can not direct the torch light eyes, super bright glare, so as not to affect the vision, especially children.
5. Protection instructions
1, do not flashlight long-term with the sun, water, chemicals and corrosive gases such as contact, to avoid damage to the torch protection layer.