COMWAY WRC-626 GPRS RTU 8-way AI 6 channel DI, 6 channel DO, 2-way 485 master and slave interfaces

COMWAY WRC-626 GPRS RTU 8-way AI 6 channel DI, 6 channel DO, 2-way 485 master and slave interfaces

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Comway
  • Model: WRC-626

WRC-626 GPRS RTU Product Description

COMWAY WRC-626 wireless data acquisition and control terminal (RTU) is the integration of analog and digital signal acquisition, process control and wireless data communication IO various functions in one high-performance measurement and control equipment, you can directly access the standard signal transmitter or sensor analog signal level signal, the pulse signal output, etc., and can output switch signal control peripheral relays and magnetic relays

Users can configure software settings WRC-626 GPRS RTU Parameters, the definition of data acquisition time interval, data upload interval and the interval data stored locally. Support Standard MODBUS RTU protocol The configuration software can be directly gprs Network remote data collection and control.

WRC-626Inheritance COMWAY GPRS DTU excellent communication capabilities to support transparent transmission, comway other communication protocols, DNS support, even if the server is not fixed ip can also aid comway communications platform to achieve the perfect gprs wireless data communications.


  • It provides eight analog (resolution 12bit) and 6 digital inputs (with optical isolation)
  • Digital input node support wet and dry contact
  • And provides six pulse counter input
  • Provides six digital outputs, you can access magnetic relays
  • Provided on analog lower threshold alarm messages
  • Provide analog and digital input alarm messages
  • Hardware watchdog chip to ensure the stable operation of equipment
  • Providing comway communications platform support
  • It supports a low power mode, standby power consumption 2-5 mA @ 12v
  • Support micro-power operating mode and standby power consumption at 20-30 microamps @ 12v
  • Support remote wake-up SMS telemetry
  • 485 port 1 to port master modbus, modbus rtu protocol supported by the query from device 485 connected thereto.
  • 485 port 2 modbus slave port that supports connections to communicate with the touch screen or other equipment RTU cascade.
  • Support modbus rtu protocol, with easy configuration software
  • Support local and remote system software upgrade

Technical Parameters

Analog Input

Analog Input You can select 4-20mA or 0-5v
Resolution 12bit
Number of input channels 8
measurement accuracy 0.005
Digital input

Number of digital input channels 6
Optical isolation 4 opto-isolated, two-way high-speed counting channels
Pulse number of input channels 2
Digital Output

Number of digital output channels 6
Power failure memory Automatically restore power to set the initial values
data storage

Data storage 2MB Byte flash, save cycle

Industrial Clock When configure school
Acquisition and Control Protocol Modbus Rtu agreement, comway text protocol
RTU communication interface RS-485 baud rate 300-115200bps

Two RS-485 interfaces, respectively modbus master and slave port
Wireless data communication parameters

SIM card Drawer
Data communication protocol Support Comway protocol transparent transmission protocol compatible Wing Sang agreement
parameter settings Local and remote configuration SMS
Work environment parameters

Operating temperature -30 Degrees -70 degrees
Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Power Parameters

Input voltage 5-24v DC
Working current 200-250ma
Low-power standby current 2-5mA
Micro-power standby current 20-30μA
Peak current 1a 12v