Authentic | H3C Wah EWP-WAC361 | Beckham AC Series Wireless Controllers | managed 32 AP

Authentic | H3C Wah EWP-WAC361 | Beckham AC Series Wireless Controllers | managed 32 AP

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: H3C EWP-WAC361
  • Brand: H3C
  • H3C Model: EWP-WAC361
  • Color Category: dark gray
  • Are Wireless: Wired
  • Wired router speed: 1000Mbps
  • Wired transfer rate: 10/100 / 1000Mbps
  • Wireless transfer rate: None
  • Wireless network support frequency: Not supported
  • Number of USB interface: Does not support
  • Whether to support VPN: Support
  • Are built-in firewall: No
  • Support WDS: not supported
  • Whether to support WPS: does not support
  • Are Detachable: None
  • Service: Genius
  • Condition: New

Providing 802.11ac AP management

WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller support for legacy 802.11a / b / g / n AP management can also cooperate with H3C Networking 802.11ac AP based on the agreement to provide the equivalent of a traditional 802.11a / b / g / n multiple protocol wireless access rate, enabling wireless multimedia applications become a reality.

It provides a flexible data forwarding mode

Traditional wireless controllers are deployed ships centralized forwarding mode, AC, packets can full control and supervision of safety, but all wireless traffic needs to be unitary AC, AC core link bandwidth and forwarding capabilities easily become a bottleneck. especially when the AP and AC via a WAN connection, AP as data access devices deployed in branch offices, while AC deployed at the headquarters, all user data sent by the AP to AC, then by AC centralized forwarding, forwarding efficiency is low.

WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller can support centralized forwarding and distributed forwarding, network users based on business needs and the actual situation can be flexibly set forwarding.

Support carrier-class wireless user access control and management

User-based access control is WAC360 / 361 series is a major feature of the wireless controllers, User Profile (User Profile) configuration provides a template that can save preset configurations (series configuration set). Depending on the user can User Profile configured scenarios different content, such as CAR (committed access rate, committed access rate) policies and QoS (quality of service, quality of service) strategy.

Users access to devices, the need for identity authentication in the authentication process, the authentication server sends the User Profile to the device name, the device is enabled in the User Profile configuration details immediately. When the user authentication to access the device, the device will through these details to restrict access behavior of the user. when the user goes offline, the system will automatically disable the user under the Profile configuration items, thereby eliminating user Profile of user defined. Thus, user Profile applies to restrict access to conduct on-line users, no when the subscriber line (may not be user access, or the user is not authenticated, or the user is offline), user Profile is the default configuration does not take effect.

In addition, WAC360 / 361 Series Wireless Controller also supports MAC-based authentication for access control, this approach not only enables customers to user groups on the AAA server configuration and modify permissions, while supporting configure permissions for specific users this fine user rights control greatly enhances the availability of wireless networks, network administrators can easily pass on the way different levels of people or populations access permissions assigned.

Based on a major feature of the MAC VLAN is also WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller, the control strategy, the administrator can put the same nature users (MAC) is divided into the same VLAN, and VLAN configuration on the controller-based security policy , so doing we can simplify the system configuration, and user management can do fine level of granularity.

For security or accounting considerations, the system administrator may want to control wireless user access to the network location. WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller supports AP-based user access control position. When the wireless subscriber access network can be made to AC issued by the authentication server allows users to access the AP list, access control on the AC, so as to restrict access to the wireless user can specify the location of the AP purposes.

Provide a reliable gateway function

WAC360 / 361 and targeting SMEs, branch office gateway that integrates gateway and AC dual function. WAN port Gigabit electrical interface, support PPPOE, NAT gateway functionality, a dynamic IP address, a static IP address setting function.

Support channel SmartSwitch

Wireless local area network, the channel is very scarce resources, each AP can only work in a very limited non-overlapping channels, such as the 2.4G network, only three non-overlapping channels, so how smart for AP channel is assigned critical wireless applications.

Band there are a lot of possible sources of interference wireless LAN work, such as radar, microwave ovens, they appear in the network will interfere with the operation of the AP through the channel intelligent switching feature, you can ensure that each AP can be assigned to the best channel to make It may reduce and avoid adjacent channel interference, and interference detection by real-time channel, allowing real-time AP avoiding sources of interference radar, microwave ovens.

Intelligent AP load balancing support

802.11 wireless roaming the decision to the wireless clients, wireless clients will generally (RSSI) based on AP Select AP signal strength, which can easily lead to a lot of clients just because a stronger signal AP is connected to the same the AP. Because these clients shared wireless medium, resulting in each client network throughput will be significantly reduced.

Intelligent load-sharing method can be analyzed in real time the location of wireless clients, dynamically determining the current time and the current position which AP can share the load with each other, by controlling the wireless clients access to the AP, to achieve load balancing these AP between system It supports not only according to the number of users online session load balancing, and support in accordance with the user traffic load balancing.

Support Layer 7 mobile security detection / prevention (wIDS / wIPS)

WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller supports mobile security and defense modes are: blacklist, whitelist, Rogue defense, malformed packet detection, unauthorized users off the assembly line, based on preset upgraded Signature MAC layer attack detection and counter (e.g. :. DoS attacks, Flood attacks, middle attacks) and other wireless applications with built-in console massive intelligence expert knowledge base, you can get flexible wireless security policy judgment basis for specific illegal attack (AP or terminal, etc.), can achieve depending on the physical location tracking monitor and switch physical port removed.

By the H3C professional core layer firewall / IPS devices, but also mobile park Layer 7 security and defense perspective, to meet the real from the wireless (802.11) to a wired (802.3) end to end security requirements.

Support RealTime Spectrum Guard (real-time spectrum protection) mode

RealTime Spectrum Guard (RTSG) is H3C innovation on the professional environment monitoring program for wireless spectrum state. Full range of wireless controller and a built-RF acquisition module Sensor AP, realize the depth of integration and real-time monitoring of the radio frequency spectrum protection.

RTSG console fusion deployed H3C iMC intelligent management center management through CAPWAP tunnel with Sensor AP communication and data acquisition, wireless Environmental Quality 7X24-hour surveillance, wireless networking capabilities to assess trends and unlicensed interference alarm. Graphically way, the initiative to detect and identify all 2.4GHz / 5GHz band RF interference sources (Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi), provides real-time FFT graph, spectral density plot, spectra, duty cycle, event spectrum, channel power, interference power, etc; can automatically identify the source of interference, determine the problematic position of the wireless device, the wireless network to ensure optimal performance in combination H3C iAR intelligent reporting module, enabling full coverage of radio quality history storage area , traceability, playback automatically generate customized trend, compliance and audit reports.

For different levels of user needs wireless environmental monitoring, can be flexibly deployed RTSG program using Local mode or Monitor Mode. When working in Local Mode, you can get efficient spectrum protection under the premise of maintaining a normal user access and packet forwarding .

Support intelligent wireless business perception (wIAA)

WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller supports IntelliSense wireless traffic and achieve our flexible strategy based wireless subscriber identification and management of the state, to optimize voice and video service bearer.

Supports remote probe analysis

WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller supports remote probe analysis for the AP. Can Wi-Fi coverage area packet capture and listen to the local real-time image analysis equipment for network administrators for troubleshooting, optimization analysis. remote probe analysis can be carried out both without mirrored convergence for working channel, all channels can also poll sampling, the flexibility to meet wireless monitoring network operation and maintenance requirements.

Built-in RF Optimization Engine (ROE)

WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller built for AP radio optimization engine (RF Optimizing Engine), via radio frequency-based optimization features and protocols, effectively enhance wireless high-density access deployments, streaming media and other scenes of the application acceleration capability and quality . sAFEGUARD which includes: multi-user fair scheduling, hybrid access fair, interference filter, the optimal rate, spectrum navigation, enhanced multicast (IPv4 / IPv6), per-packet power control and intelligent bandwidth protection.

Supports 802.1x authentication, MAC address authentication, Portal authentication

WAC360 / 361 Series Wireless Controller supports multiple authentication methods:

802.1x Authentication: WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller supports TLS, PEAP, TTLS, MD5, SIM cards and other kinds of 802.1x authentication methods, and also supports 802.1x local authentication, provides MD5, TLS, PEAP these types mainstream support authentication mode, users no longer need to configure additional AAA servers. WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller also supports dynamic authorization VLAN and ACL feature 802.1x authentication, the user's policy can be pre-set, user authentication, The system automatically configure client privilege.

MAC address authentication: WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller supports MAC address authentication, some of the hand-held terminal (such as: Wi-Fi Phone, a mobile hand-held terminals, etc.) are not easy to take on computer authentication, MAC address authentication, but can be easily resolved the problem, implemented on the controller or AAA server configured legitimate MAC address, the MAC address of the corresponding terminal may be allowed access to the network, while illegal terminals are not arranged in advance you can not access the wireless network, the feature greatly facilitates applications such as wireless medical systems, MAC address authentication ensures that only working hospital PDA terminal to access to a wireless network, the wireless PDA patient refuses to use private wireless network.

Portal Certification: WAC360 / 361 Series Wireless Controller provides built-in Portal authentication server without the client with authentication directly through a browser WEB Portal page as an authenticated channel, when the user authentication can be flexibly jump to a specific page access. and to initiate the authorization, and accounting but also according to policy requirements, flexible push custom Portal pages, to advertising, the role of information transmission, widely used in the wireless campus wireless city, visitor access and other application scenarios.

Support IPv4 / IPv6 dual-stack (Native IPv6)

. WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller supports IPV6 wireless customers access to the tunnel on the AP, because the equipment for IPv6-aware, it can be done to tunnel IPv6 priority and priority mapping; the AC side, the same can of IPv6 packets Wen ACL for complex control and filtering.

WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller can also be deployed in IPv6 networks, auto-negotiation to IPv6 tunnel between AC and AP. When fully operational in the AC and AP IPv6 state, the wireless controller can be correctly perceived IPv4, and can handle wireless customer IPv4 packets. WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller IPv4 / 6 flexible adaptability to meet customer a variety of complex applications in a network from IPv4 to IPv6 migration, both to the island in IPv6 to provide IPv4 services while also allowing users to easily log on to the islands of IPv4 networks through the IPv6 protocol.

Campus Network for emerging IPv6 packet forgery attack, WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller supports IPv6 SAVI (Source Address Validation, source address validation) technology to obtain the user's IP address for address allocation protocol listeners, followed by guarantee applications to use the correct address of the Internet, and others can not fake IP address, to ensure the reliability of the source address. At the same time, through a combination of IPv6 SAVI and Portal technology further ensures that all Internet users packets authenticity and security.

To-end QoS

WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller is based on Comware platform, not only to improve the standard of Diff-Serv support, while increasing QoS support for the IPv6 protocol.

QoS Diff-Serv model includes traffic classification, traffic policing (Policing), queue management, queue scheduling (Scheduling), etc., full implementation of the EF, AF1 ~ AF4, BE and other six groups of PHB and services defined in the standard, the network operators can provide users with different services to ensure quality of service level, making the Internet an carry data, voice and video services integrated network.

It supports fast two, three roaming

H3C's centralized wireless architecture not only easy to implement Layer roaming, and very conducive to roaming across Layer achieve with Fat AP deployment of WLAN network, since the information is passed between the AP is limited, leading to collapse three roaming Implementation and trouble, centralized architecture is very easy to solve the problem of roaming across Layer, WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller supports two, three roaming, roaming domain without restriction subnet. this excellent roaming feature that lets customers when planning a wireless network without much thought to the planning of the existing network, covering more attention to wireless signal, this approach greatly simplifies network planning early, reducing the cost of network planning.

Under the traditional model, when a wireless user terminal as a means of using 802.1x authentication and key 802.11 access interactive, interactive packets between the wireless user terminal and the AP will be very much. When a wireless user terminal roams between the two when the AP If the wireless user terminal during the new AP access to fully comply with complete interaction 802.1x, is bound to cause a roaming switching time is too long for some of the roaming switching time-sensitive services (such as voice services), so long switching time is unbearable. WAC360 / 361 series wireless controller uses fast switched Key caching technology to complete the roamer, Key caching technology in the user's security access and fast roaming made a good balance, you can make a wireless the user terminal between the two do not have to re-AP roaming when complete 802.1x authentication interaction, while ensuring the continuity of user identification and authentication keys to be used; with fast wireless users roam, time is not a single AC roaming more than 50ms, to meet the demanding needs of the voice business.

Centralized management of business support offices

Users centralized management of all the branches of the user authentication process is forwarded to the headquarters, the headquarters of unified access certification by the authentication server.

Centralized device management, WAC360 / 361 are supported by the headquarters of large AC centralized management by the headquarters of large AC can branch AC, AP released configuration, greatly reducing maintenance difficulty.

Support offices to transmit traffic data distribution

After the user authentication is successful, the data traffic without forwarding the headquarters of AC, branches AC WAC360 / 361 data directly into business Internet. Headquarters to reduce traffic pressure.