WG-8010-232 GPRS DTU RS-232 interface, support transparent transmission supports sending and receiving SMS

WG-8010-232 GPRS DTU RS-232 interface, support transparent transmission supports sending and receiving SMS

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Comway
  • Model: WG-8010-232
  • Weight: 550g

WG-8010-232 GPRS DTU Product description

WG-8010-232Built-in industrial grade GPRS Wireless modules provide a standard RS232Data interface, you can easily connect RTU , PLC , Industrial machines and other equipment, and only need to complete the initial configuration, user equipment and data center GPRS Wireless network connection is established, data transparent transmission.


Multiple connection methods

Supports GSM, GPRS, APN

Multiple communication protocols

Transparent communication protocol, you can customize the registration package and the heartbeat package contents

Compatible with Saro and hongdian protocols, support the control configuration, Sunway forcecontrol Jay controlled mainstream configuration software

Comway Deal

Multi-protocol support

Support TCP , UDP

Data center support

Dynamic DNS (DDNS ) And fixed IP Address access

Support and 3A data center communication

Data center backup transport

High efficiency

Super serial cache 50KB

Flexible online mode

Support of permanent online. Heartbeat interval can be set

Supports text messaging, phone and PC serial port data awakens

Convenient work mode

You can set up automatic connections and the single connection mode

Reliable protection mechanisms

Kai functions configurable timing

No GSM signals or multiple connection is not successful, DTU automatically Kai

Easy to maintain

Support for SMS remote local configuration and software upgrades

Scheduled tasks

You can set time interval or set to automatically preset AT instruction execution or down computer instructions

That came with your COMWAY Wireless serial port software COMWAY DTU Configuration software TCP&UDP Software testing tools to facilitate users to quickly set up a test environment and debugging system. COMWAY Wireless serial port software support control, Sunway forcecontrol and Jerry accused mainstream configuration software, suitable for PLC Smart meters and other equipment for remote control and data acquisition.

Company to provide users with a client COMWAY The wireless serial connection protocols API Program Routines and related development, offering customized services to assist users WG-8010-232 GPRS DTU Connect to their existing systems.

Technical specifications:

GSM/GPRS Communications parameters:

Standard: GSM/GPRS

Band selection: dual-band900/1800

GPRS Multi-slot Class: Class 10

GPRS Terminal Device Class: Class B

GPRS Coding Schemes: CS1 to CS4

SIM Card parameters:

SIM Control: 1.8v and 3v
Serial port parameters : RS-232
Serial communication parameters:

Baud rate: 300-115200

Data bits: 5, 6, 7, 8

Stop bits: 1, 1.5, 2 (When the check digit =None)

Check digit: NONE, EVEN, ODD, SPACE, Mark

Serial port pin definition:
RS-232: TxD, RxD, GND

Supported software and protocols:

Deal: TCP, UDP

Overall dimensions:
Shell material: iron
Weight: 220Gram
Size: 108x74x35mm (Does not include antenna and install handle)

Environmental parameters:

Operating temperature: -30 degrees To 75, hundred times

Working humidity: 5To 95%RH

Power requirements:

Input voltage: 5 to 24 VDC

Average operating current: 150 to 250mA@ 5v

Maximum working current : 2A@+5VDC

Standby current : 20mA@+5VDC

Product warranty: 2Year

Field of application

LED Screen wireless remote release

Electricity meter reading

City street light control

The gas and water meter reading

Heating system for real-time data acquisition

Meteorological information collection

Industrial control PLC Remote data acquisition

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