Flashlight | Infrared light | Money Detector | Pen Lamp

Flashlight | Infrared light | Money Detector | Pen Lamp

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Kat card
  • Model: 3 in 1

Available five-color optional red green blue black purple pick color to leave a message Remarks, no notes randomly sent Oh! Contains three AG13 electronic

'name': Infrared laser teaching lights / UV light inspection lights / LED small flashlight triple

Features: two switches, three different lights. Want to play the red laser is very COOL, ultra-practical Yanchao Deng so that you no longer embarrassed for the fake money!
There is also a small solar flashlight, very practical! This product has three batteries and aluminum buckle, that is used to buy Oh

Features: infrared laser direction, white LED lighting can be when the flashlight, violet banknote counterfeit anti-counterfeiting, with two button switches, three AG13 electrons.Frontal can illuminate the clear fluorescence of the RMB, but also shine the yuan back gold wire, Counterfeit currency is not a watermark or watermark blur, the reverse line does not shine. Is that we check true and false RMB is a good helper, compact, easy to carry, practical, is essential for your daily life of electronic products! Money is reduced to receive

The loss of counterfeit money!