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Plus velvet pregnant women leggings autumn and winter Waichuan long trousers pants thicker belly 2016 new maternity winter

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Product parameters:

  • Thickness: add velvet moderate
  • Brand: excellent and more
  • Color Classification: do not down cashmere kitten - black not down cashmere kitten - dark gray (yellow cashmere) kitten - black (yellow cashmere) kitten - dark gray (yellow cashmere) kitten - light gray (Thick thick black drill velvet) kitten - black (thick thick black drill velvet) kitten - dark gray (thick black diamond velvet) circle - Circle - Black (extra thick black diamond velvet) Circle - Dark gray do not fall down cashmere upgraded version of the coffee velvet, random hair 2 get 10% discount
  • Product No .: n1326
  • Size: L XL XXL
  • Style: Leggings
  • Pants length: nine pants
  • Function: care abdomen
  • Applicable season: winter and spring

Not down cashmere cashmere upgrade, this batch of brown cashmere Oh, the old section for the same color velvet, the new stretch better, random hair!

Cold days cooling, high-density gold velvet and black drill down more warm Oh!