Philips UV disinfection lamp | sterilization lamp household remote control mobile mite UV lamp sterilization 30w kindergarten

Philips UV disinfection lamp | sterilization lamp household remote control mobile mite UV lamp sterilization 30w kindergarten

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Philips / Philips
  • Model: Philips UV disinfection lamp
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • Philips sterilization lamp + distribution of domestic stent 46CM 15W Philips germicidal lamp + distribution of domestic stent (remote timing) 31CM 15W Philips sterilization lamp + distribution of domestic stent 46CM 15W Philips sterilization lamp + distribution of domestic stent (remote control timing) 46CM 30W Philips germicidal lamp + distribution of domestic support 92CM 30W Philips sterilization lamp + distribution of domestic support (remote timing) 92CM germicidal lamp remote control
  • Light source type: UV light source
  • Power: 6-10W 11-15W 21-30W
  • City services: city logistics door-to-door
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Lamp holder connector (lamp type): Others

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8W Length 31CM, 15W Length 46CM, 30W Length 92CM. Please select according to your needs Thank you This product is a unified Philips sterilization lamp imports made + customized bracket.

Germicidal lamp use area
specification Sterilization area Product length Lamp life
8W 8 square meters (small area) 31 cm 8000h (theoretical)
15W 15 square meters 46 cm 8000h (theoretical)
30W 30 square meters or less 92cm 8000h (theoretical)

More than the use of area for reference only, in accordance with the actual use of specific needs

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The principle of ultraviolet disinfection is the use of its strong chemical effect, the use of biological cells can easily penetrate the wall, Short - wave ultraviolet Irradiation of the object to be disinfected, destruction of organisms in the body cells of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (RNA) molecular structure, cell death, so as to achieve the disinfection effect of killing bacteria. These are the principle of germicidal lamp, sterilization lamp sterilization is not by ozone to sterilization. This is a lot of consumer misunderstanding! Some no-name sterilization tube sterilization when the release will be very smelly ozone, the human body is very harmful Baidu also has the relevant knowledge. Interested buyers can Baidu under.

Instructions: 1.Air disinfection, open the power to leave the room in time.

Use range:

Fall to the room to kill bacteria, in addition to mites, disinfection, so that their families more healthy.

1.Kitchen and toilet and other bacteria exist and multiply a lot of places.
2.Living rooms, meeting rooms and other public places where diseases are easy to spread and popular.Ultraviolet disinfection of air in this environment can prevent the spread and epidemic of respiratory infectious diseases.
3.Air, clothing, cooking utensils, and some commonly used items in places where infectious disease patients live, in small, single-patient wards, in areas where the environmental index is high (such as air disinfection) in hospitals, hospitals, wards, operating rooms, mobile medical service vehicles, etc. 1Hours can be equivalent to ventilation 27Times.
4.Rural Health Service.
5.Newborn infants and young children's skin is very immature, vulnerable to infection of harmful bacteria. Meanwhile, infants and young children's clothing is often repeatedly contaminated by feces and other contaminants, bacteria easily multiply.In addition, the baby was wrapped, poor airflow, The possibility of more greatly increased.Therefore infant appliances, clothing and maternal and child room air disinfection can not be ignored.


2.The surface of the object should be disinfected, the lamp should be parallel to the surface of the object to be disinfected, open the power and leave in time.


1.The surface should be regular (usually every 2 weeks or so) with alcohol cotton ball gently wipe, remove the above dust and grease to reduce the impact of UV penetration.
2.UV disinfection of the room should be kept clean.Ultraviolet rays can not be shaded to the shade of the shade, should pay attention to use.
3.UV-only surface (such as paper, cloth, etc.), only the side of the direct irradiation to achieve the purpose of disinfection, so turn on time so that each side can be a certain dose of exposure.
4.Indoor air disinfection, 30w, 36W light for about 15-40 square meters of space.
When it comes to UV germicidal lamp, many people think that this is the medical institutions and food hygiene patents. Indeed, very few in the market for sale of household ultraviolet germicidal lamp, in fact, now that simple, just like ordinary fluorescent In the lighthouse on it. General 30 minutes or so to achieve disinfection.
5.Light can radiate a strong 253.7nm short-wave ultraviolet light, according to half an hour after the completion of disinfection of the power off in the absence of protective measures in the case of ultraviolet radiation on the human body will cause direct damage, the specific situation, please find the relevant knowledge online!