JHOPT giant Acer 10X42 night vision binoculars | military quality | portable | birdwatching stargazing | large view

JHOPT giant Acer 10X42 night vision binoculars | military quality | portable | birdwatching stargazing | large view

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2015
  • Brand: JHOPT
  • Item: 12,345,676
  • Price range: 51-100 yuan
  • made in China
  • Weight: 500.00g
  • Magnification type: fixed magnification
  • Highest multiples: 5 times (including) -10 times (inclusive)
  • Style: Binoculars
  • Use: Handheld
  • Function: Outsourcing rubber shock
  • Color Category: Portable 10X42 monocular high-powered binoculars 10X42 Monocular 10x42 + phone + phone photography bracket 10X42 double clip

JHOPT giant Acer outdoor leisure equipment 10X40 high-power high-definition wide-angle telescope military binoculars this one is the use of photovoltaic technology Australia Cheung,

Refined aluminum alloy materials and special material from the telescope, the lens material is high quality. Its attractive appearance, exquisite workmanship, comfortable feel fine,

Heavy feeling, matte leather slip design, easy to fall off when using a telescope. The telescope is a high quality, precision craftsmanship, high-grade materials,

And general compared to the telescope which is characterized by: its unique wide-angle design, a wider field of view, and the view of things clearer, more distinct outline, no distortion, no dizziness,

King eyepiece and comprehensive multilayer antireflection green film to make more clear and bright lookout area, observing the effect is more vivid, lifelike color reduction, image quality more perfect! This is equipped with filters,

Can effectively protect the eyes from light stimulation; focal length axis adjustable using, finger wave can be simple and convenient folding goggles can also wear glasses for friends to use;

Can be connected to the hinge axis to unscrew the cap after the tripod, to watch on a tripod stable and relaxed. Outdoor recreation, tourism, ideal for large performances and enjoy the game. Larger magnification,

Use to predict with confidence, coupled with the use of a tripod would be better.

Brand: Komet Magnification: 10 times Objective Diameter: 42mm Field of view: 119m / 1000m

Head away from the adjustment range: 53mm-72mm lens system: Porro prism coating color: comprehensive multilayer antireflection blue film

Focus mode: Central adjustment Product size: 155mm * 60mm * 155mm

Weight: 500g Color: Black Tripod Interface: Yes