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Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: Plastic
  • Style: cover type
  • Color Classification: Tyrant gold Space silver metallic gray buy a gift set to send eight to buy two steel membrane threw a headset zebra [+] killer [3D 3D relief relief relief] Superman [3D] partner [Chinchilla! 3D relief] [low-key 3D relief] [King of the pirates of dark Spiderman 3D relief] [3D relief] [bad guys insist on 3D relief] [relief] 3D fun way to fly relief] [3D look 3D airplane [[relief] big Totoro 3D 3D relief relief] [handsome] [SUPER mAN 3D relief] [small yellow people 3D relief from eye relief prophecy [3D] British flag 3D relief] [[fish] free 3D relief] [3D relief
  • Style: Europe
  • Applicable phone models: Meizu / Meizu
  • Meizu Model: Meizu MX4
  • Brand: this is the first
  • Model: MX4I