CoolerMaster PTK-L01 | gold thermal grease | CPU thermal paste graphics | computer silicone thermal grease

CoolerMaster PTK-L01 | gold thermal grease | CPU thermal paste graphics | computer silicone thermal grease

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Cooler Master / CoolerMaster ...
  • Brand: Cooler Master / CoolerMaster
  • CoolerMaster Model: R720PTK-L01-GP
  • Color Classification: Silver
  • Suitable for: Chipset
  • Radiator Type: Other / other
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius
  • Weight: 2 g

common problem

One problem: thermal grease, thermal silicone, thermal silicone pad distinction.

A; thermal grease is a high thermal insulation silicone material, not easily cured, grease state, with electrical insulation, thermal conductivity, low oil from the degree for CPU, graphics north and south bridge chip or gap filling on desktop computers; Can be cured, there is a certain adhesive properties, not easy to separate after the sticky heat sink bonding processing chip for the general computer; silicone pad is a sheet material for the relatively large gap gap connection technology thickness from 0.5 mm ~ 5mm range, less use of the computer.

Question two: Why painted grease?

A; in the radiator and chip applications, even if the surface is very smooth in contact with two planes, there will be a slight gap occurs, the air gap is, will hinder the conduction of heat to the fins and is a kind of grease. You can fill these gaps, the heat conduction is more rapid and smooth material so that the chip temperature is maintained at a stable level work to prevent because of poor heat dissipation and long life.

Question three: Silver thermal conductive grease it?

A; silver-containing silver grease added ingredients, the effect is better than ordinary grease because grease simultaneously contain other chemicals, computer motherboard for the 5_10V DC is relatively insulated.

Question 4: How grease smear?

A; how should the thermal grease smear, there is no standard to say, but there is criterion, the key is to apply uniform, no bubbles, no impurities, as thin as possible, there are two main ways, one in the crowded center of the chip surface. a little grease, and then by the pressure of the heat sink grease will squeeze even another way is the use of tools grease evenly on the chip surface. the model comes with a blade within easy grease smear, no need to worry.

Question 5: This grease loud noise so expensive?

A; silver grease on the market cheap is not necessarily true of silver-containing grease may also be mixed with carbon grease, grease-doped aluminum brand silver-containing grease according to his will. Containing different amounts of silver The price differences. Of particular note is the golden grease market, it is not 'gold' grease, the kind usually containing copper oxide only, the effect is not as silver grease.

Question six: How much time grease for a change?

A;! Thermally conductive grease is used, a long time will dry, slow performance, of course, want to change, otherwise it is not thermal, but to heat the General Ordinary grease six to December 1 exchange, silver-containing silicon fat around 2 years, depending on the temperature and a slight change in the environment.

With the release of next-generation Ivy Bridge platform, I believe that many players have learned after their performance, there has been a plan to upgrade the platform around the corner. At this time a lot of players tend to be affected by the mood of the neglect of the installation of thermal grease smear. some players will direct the original installation in the new platform, some will then apply a layer of direct hastily bin. will forget those little details when applied thermal grease.

Certainly after the players buy new parts affected the mood, then small details will determine the cooling effect of the whole platform. It is often because of the emergence of new things and has changed the emotional, often in life people pay attention to the smallest detail was overlooked was that every tiny detail may be one thing or the key to a person's success or failure. in fact, applied thermal grease is the same, do not think of it as a small or negligible details , apply heat well will have a great impact.

Here we have first to understand some of the thermal grease, a lot of friends all know that thermal grease is applied to the surface of the heat conduction, this argument might be challenged players Here we look at the thermal grease in the Glossary:

Thermal grease:Common name called thermal grease, is special silicone oil foundation, new metal oxide filler to do, with a variety of functional additives, processed by a particular process from the paste. Color due to different materials and have different appearances.

Having good thermal conductivity, temperature, insulation, heat-resistant devices are ideal dielectric material, and stable performance, no corrosive gases in use, it will not impact on contact with metal.

High purity silicon and organic fillers are smooth, uniform and high temperature insulation guarantee applied to power devices and mounting surface, the contact surface to help eliminate the air gap increases the flow of heat, reduce the thermal resistance, reducing the operating temperature of the power device, improve reliability and extend the service life.

A wide range of thermal grease

Glossary as stated in the accelerated thermal conduction thermal grease play the role of a heat transfer medium, increasing the contact area between the metal cover and fill the CPU heat sink in the middle of pits and other effects. Apply thermal grease is not a play on the best the effect of applying thermal grease, in the start-up period, after the shutdown of thermal cycling, thermal grease squeezed out when the excess air completely fill the gap between the CPU and heat sink, thermal effects really fully realized. thermal grease thermal resistance is larger than metal, it is not a large amount to be good.

Of course, often not clean up when players on the platform and then upgrade the dust or dirt adhering to the surface of the processor, when we get a new processor does not hurry to apply thermal grease to install, should processor and a heat sink base to clean up.


Cleanup should choose a clean cotton cloth or cotton ball and carefully wipe if there are some indelible stain could use some volatile liquids, such as: alcohol and some amount of liquid in the use of these not too much cotton or cotton balls some wet it.

Volatile liquid

For prolonged use of a processor and heatsink players will find there will be stubborn stains on the surface of the processor or the heat sink base. For stubborn stains, wipe to be repeated, to avoid the use of hard objects to smear, if you use when hard objects will cause uneven surface clearly, there will be scratches. To clean, wipe dry processor to ensure that the drying surface.

Surface scratches

Heatsink base scratches and oxidation

Radiator are copper and aluminum base material, it is easy to rust, clean metal surfaces in the air can easily be oxidized, the heat sink will not place a long time, we recommend that you clean up after a good smear grease to install some time radiator stored too long or the player is used to clean the radiator, radiator base such more or less there will be some degree of oxidation, it is recommended that players can fine gauze, gently polished by time when the color of the metal exposed only solution it. the above cleanup polish the magazine clean.

For entry-level players who applied thermal grease there is a misunderstanding is the heat of grease to how much you have to use all out, this idea believe that many players who have appeared from the thermal conductivity is concerned, again good thermal grease can match these metals copper and aluminum materials. thermal conductivity of copper is about high-grade thermal cooling grease hundredfold. on the thermal conductivity of players can refer to this article.

Excessive thermal grease

Benefits of thermal grease

Uneven thermal grease

To have a certain understanding of the major players use two methods, one is squeezed into a little thermal grease on the surface, after pressure by the use of thermal grease will be squeezed even this method is a relatively lazy way such an approach may appear above these two issues one is mainly because of the overflow smear too much. another is due to uneven force uniform thermal grease squeeze discontinuity inverted thermal grease is not uniform.

Scraper type applicator way

Another method is to apply thermal grease evenly to the surface of the processor, such an approach may produce bubbles, there may be a magazine attached to the top. Then you can use the built-in radiator blade, there the radiator comes with the blade may not. if not, you can find a plastic sheet cut with a processor similar size, the use of home-made tools to spread evenly, or the use of finger, hand painting.

I believe that these two methods have a simple understanding, the first squeeze more suitable for smaller processors, and the second by a doctor blade method or finger is larger processor area specific or to select a smear method according to the player's own habits.

Grease on thermal testing, today we test platform is not complicated, there is no need to go into such a test is only with the heat source and the two related.

The first is the heat source, is -2500k came from.

Secondly, from Zalman CNPS10X COOLIFE is a tower side-blown, its main structure size of 132 (W) x 85 (L) x 156 (H) mm. Radiator heat pipe 5 with 120mm PWM fan fan speed range 800-1800RPM. radiator support Intel LGA1366, LGA115x, LGA775 and AMD's AM3 / AM2 + / AM2 platform, can be said to be caught.

Zalman radiator CNPS10X COOLIFE

Test method is more simple, use Everest surveillance monitoring data, select the copying machine 15 minutes to 29 minutes and 59 seconds of data. CPU use Everest increase the load.

Grease smear effect (left: thick coating right: thin coating)

It also includes a Z77, two, one, one, for our test, it is irrelevant information, please ignore.

Thin and thick thermal grease thermal grease laden temperature difference from the above test results point of view 2 degrees, almost the same temperature at the standby side seems thin grease effect or a certain cooling effect. But for 2 degrees is within a few degrees will be reduced, so that the overall effect, it should be very good.

After the test we have seen through the thermal grease thinner the better, how to apply thermal grease thinner, I believe that this should be regarded as a technology live. Here we take a look at foreign players is how to apply thermal grease better. (Benchmark Reviews was launched in 2008 from thermal grease smear Raiders.)

The first is the common base plane

Intermediate point type applicator Tutorial

French smear word tutorial

French smear word tutorial

Cross smear method Tutorial

More than four kinds of point method, the word law, the word method, Cross method, respectively, for small base, elongated base, a large square base and a large plinth (though examples are used in the same paragraph).

But no matter how applied, the end result is as follows on the right way:

Thermal grease smear results

See the image above, a lot like the original effect on the thermal grease. If the player can be painted in such a way, it seems you are already a master.

Of course, sometimes we will encounter some special cases:

Apply a little circular base formula

This should use the original plug copper, copper center with a circular base, the effect is applied to the subsequent fine. As for thickness, using copper base can be a very simple criteria, that is, you can see faint copper is a suitable Bohou!

Of course, there is one of the most special, heat-pipe direct touch:

Heat pipe direct bottom base point formula

Heat pipe direct two-point seat bottom

Heat pipe direct word bottoming seat formula

Critical heat pipe direct bottom base is that the heat pipe direct touch technology is likely to cause a huge gap, taking into account the heat conduction efficiency of grease is much larger than the air, we recommend you fill those gaps!

No matter what kind of base from the above tutorial, we can see the final effect is applied uniformly thin layer of it, some people will ask how much is that in the end is thin? Thick thermal grease can be coated finish vaguely see the bottom surface of the can, and thermal grease must be applied evenly.

Can be summed up by grease, grease is not a one-time use, the players should regularly as a platform to re-apply thermal grease, so as to better enable the platform to have a better cooling effect, especially for those who love overclocking gamers, overclocking a long time will affect the heat.

Overclocking will bring higher temperatures, some players will feel warmer than usual, after exclusion of all cases only after thermal grease between the players who wish to win the heat sink and the processor on the base wipe grease re-applied thermal grease, some players believe that such a situation is encountered.

Apply grease mode

Thermal grease a small one can solve the heat problem, just look at the player skills in painting process, regardless of what kind of players as long as the method:

1. Apply thermal grease evenly
2. The thermal grease applied as thin as possible
3. Apply thermal grease to be free of impurities
4. Apply thermal grease to no bubbles

To ensure that these four points can be a good solution to the heat problem, thermal grease applied as thin as possible, but the thermal coefficient of thermal grease because although much higher than the air, but direct contact with the metal or worse have a certain gap. Apply heat grease is recommended to use special tools or hand, squeeze the radiator unexpected incidents occur, may not have the effect of painting, so as not to have uneven bubbles impurities and other issues.