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Buy 2 get 1 | ice silk sunscreen sleeve men and women anti-ultraviolet driving gloves ice sleeves riding arm sleeves fake sleeves

Buy 2 get 1 | ice silk sunscreen sleeve men and women anti-ultraviolet driving gloves ice sleeves riding arm sleeves fake sleeves
Product code: 7771500030
Unit price 1.41$
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 summer
  • Brand: RGLT / Reggrit
  • size: one size
  • Item: st595
  • City Walking - Pure White (thumb section) City Walking - Pure Black (thumb section) City Walk - Pink (thumb section) City Walk - City Walk - White City Walk - Orange City Walk - Purple 'buy 2 get 1 free, please shoot 3, do not shoot do not send' City Walk - Blue 'shopping cart shoot 3 pieces, automatically change the price to 2 pieces' City Walk - Black
  • Texture: Other
  • Category: General
  • Applicable people: Couple middle age: 40-59 youth: 20-39 years old

A hit program, the same paragraph sunscreen gloves, this year selling sunscreen cuff

Stretch is good, men and women common


Buy 2 get 1, need to shoot 3, the system automatically change the price

If you shoot 3, 17.6 yuan 3 pairs, a pair as long as 5.86 yuan!

Youthful, vibrant spring yo, from the corner of the flowers to the branches of the new leaves are exudes a vibrant atmosphere.

So, this period of time, sneak in,
Organized a variety of bright activities.
Morning run group, the spring games, ten Li Yi line ... good like this steaming atmosphere.
This pair of ice sleeves, can be said to be selfish to do to their own,
And now share to you ~
Maybe you have seen "running man", maybe you remember them on the arm of the pair of cuff,
Do not know it does not matter, now you know friends.
First of all, its properties and the previous 'elegant' series of sunscreen gloves have a distinction,
It is a bright and generous movement of the students, with a vitality of cells.
Secondly, its main performance is of course sunscreen.
Ice silk material, in the hot and sweat of the sports time to wear, give you a sense of Qinru heart of the cold touch,
Permeability is also properly children, moisture perspiration, especially comfortable.
In addition to sunscreen, it is a pair of wrist, knee.
One piece, knitting, good elastic material, skin is not tight texture
Long-distance running, playing, climbing, riding, etc., etc. outdoor sports,
It will be a good partner.

City Walk - Purple

Walking the city - orange powder

City Walk - Blue

City Walk - Gray

City Walk - White

City Walk - Black

Walking the city - pure white (thumb section)

Walking the city - dark gray (thumb section)

City Walk - Pink (thumb section)

Walking the city - black (thumb section)

City Walk - Light Blue (thumb section)

City Walk - Light Purple (thumb section)