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訫 美 長髮 短發 發 發 器 | 子子 頭盤 髮 | 海 盘 發 器 | 頭飾 發飾 | 髮 夹

Product code: -7760000030
Unit price 1.11-1.59$
Sold quantity 1397
Available stock 17322
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: fall 2015
  • Hair accessories Category: side clip
  • Whether the mall with the money: No
  • Color Classification: Large - long hair short hair board hair trumpet - long hair shorter hair device hair device hair style 16 - leather flower pink hair device style 18 leather flower champagne plate hair device style 17 leather flowers Purple petal hair device style 1-pearl petal plate hair device style 2-lace flower petal black plate hair device style 3-lace flower petal blue plate hair device style 4-lace flower petal pink plate hair device style 5-bow petal plate hair device style 6 -Flowered leather gray hair-style device 7-Golden Silas disk hair device style 8-Floral green disk device style 9-Floral purple disk device style 10-Floral pink disk device style 11-flash beads white plate Hair style 12-flash bead yellow hair device style 13-flash bead purple hair device style 14-flash jewelry blue plate hair device style 15-bow pearl plate hair device style 19 leather flower green
  • Material: Others
  • Brand: 訫 US
  • Condition: New
  • The price range: 10-19.99 yuan
  • Inlay Material: not mosaic
  • New strange: fresh baked
  • Item: long hair short hair plate hair device
  • Style: Japan and South Korea