Huawei glory Play bracelet A1 | pedometer watches for men and women sleep survey calls to remind intelligent sports bracelet

Huawei glory Play bracelet A1 | pedometer watches for men and women sleep survey calls to remind intelligent sports bracelet

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: honor / glory
  • Model: AW600
  • Color Classification: [stock] [stock] white [Spot] black magic pink blue [spot]
  • Applicable: android platform
  • Wireless distance: 5m (including) -10m (including)

Cheap 6618 must be accounted for, grab one for your smart wearable product

Since the birth of section 6.18 electricity supplier, electricity providers compete for the time and many internet platforms this year than in previous years, more over 6.18, the electronic business platform combined with the business of changing the pattern let a promotion price. Compared to last year this year will be the major platform devices such as the main VR glasses as wearable product, the industry knows this is just the concept of playing nothing, after the user puts on a variety of often discordant consumers who intend to start a wearable product, really 6.18 better than taking advantage of the promotion period to buy a bracelet for their own intelligence.

Bracelet is a wearable current mainstream products, because as people's health awareness deepens, exercise and health is increasingly valued. Many people want to see themselves and their families in time of health and sports data, intelligent bracelet product launch is particularly popular with users. in fact, the smart bracelet is already a big market, the market aware of the bracelet products 700 variety. With so many bracelet products, consumers how to choose their own one do that? especially in 6.18 during the promotional price cuts everywhere, but also how to avoid buying substandard products? believe reading this article, there are a few heart.

6.18 fully seize business electricity supplier's Day, bring more good to those who pre-order the wearable products

6.18 this year, as always, the major electricity supplier platform hot, Jingdong, Suning, Gome, Shop No. 1, and so have beach landing Lynx 6.18 years to promote this is an important month, generally at least to account for its wholly several points of total sales, the sales target is not to win a predetermined never give up. this high morale for all major platforms to increase somewhat Xiaosha gas, then Home is evident from the mobile terminal APP's icon, all locations for all platforms and all highlight the elements of 6.18 atmosphere, and even the merchants who own electronic business platform as well.

Of course, they never gave up 6.18, you may recall the beginning of 2013 the electricity supplier price war, it is also several war laid the foundation for the electricity supplier 6.18 Shopping Festival, now the major platform has been tacit recognition of this festival as the electricity supplier's Day. clearly, from the electricity supplier price war to section 618, this is not a platform for creating, together with the results of the force but all electronic business platform. and in this process of evolution, businesses and consumers are gradually accepted the festival, so that 6.18 in the business to become comparable to traditional Chinese festivals like existence. every 6.18 based electricity supplier platform and do business point of promotion is to make life difficult, and consumers will feel in this day do not buy anything some will suffer. of course, 6.18 for consumers, there are still many benefits, the biggest advantage is to benefit from lower prices for goods has long been concerned.

Buy a sense of science and technology higher VR, or buy more practical bracelet?

6.18 as compared to previous years, this year's major electricity supplier platform pushing hot nowadays VR / AR equipment, products, including VR glasses, VR and VR helmet one machine. These products will not speak of how high prices, in fact, most people bought the equipment is a new map, after the experience is thrown aside the one hand because of the current VR technology is not yet mature, long-term users wear occur dizziness and other conditions; on the other hand VR content is not enough, we still like from TV, PC, tablet and mobile phone to watch videos and play games is, VR in a short time can not be the ordinary civil class products.

But with smart products smart bracelet worn, the situation will be much better. Applicability bracelet to be larger, many consumers will be during the 6.18 big promotion at a lower price to buy smart hand ring, bracelet and therefore become more focused product, especially one hundred yuan level intelligence bracelet this year's 618 top-selling product. the main reason is the growing awareness of health, consumer health movement is valued, bracelets become the connection of health data props and the best portable phone. of course, there is a variety of price bracelet especially civilians, is about to eat a hamburger price, this is no pressure for mass consumption. compared with the same time is not conducive to high price healthy VR devices, most consumers will naturally tend smart bracelet, especially during the preparation to start preparing 6.18 consumer smart bracelet, will certainly not give up this opportunity.

Faced with an array of markets, how to choose a suitable for your bracelet?

Smart bracelet domestic market to one hundred yuan level products mostly. Related statistics, to October 2015, China Smart bracelet number of products on the market in the sale of funds reached 774, the number of firms up to 138. Since most manufacturers and no hand ring as a strategic-level product, resulting in the design of products for the non-user segments, products from different vendors in functionality and there is not much difference. smart bracelet market is more confusing, and product dispersion, and because of intelligence manufacturing bracelet threshold is not high, the influx of a large number of small manufacturers, resulting in many serious product homogeneity, more single function.

So the question comes, face an array of bracelets, consumers should be how to choose a more suitable sub-own it?

First of all, which is not cheap to buy what many consumers will see super cheap irrational. However, many cheap bracelet bracelet monitoring records are not precise enough in some cases.

Second, do not persist in many bracelet features, functions too many bracelet looks fancy but not a lot of features and practical value. N Third, the most expensive is not necessarily a good product. There are reports indicating the current market are mostly several hundred heart rate level are not allowed, even the Fitbit such high-end products is also due to the measured heart rate is not allowed to group litigation.

So, whether the product is expensive or cheap, to do well at the function and quality of non-compliance, the consumer can not be expected to achieve.

Well, there is no function and affordable place products?

From a plurality of product trial comparison, I would rather recommend the glory Play bracelet A1. This product configuration precision triaxial accelerometer, and relying on massive movement model Huawei 2012 laboratory data, extracting hundreds of the eigenvalues, machine learning algorithms that can automatically identify a variety of motion, and can more accurately record movement time, distance and number of steps. this product in the official opening of the pre-reservation amount has exceeded 500 million. I believe that, at the same time be able to accurately record have practical UV detection bracelet products, it is worth 618 users grab affordable and useful products.

Play in glory while the A1 ring hand we can see, the product positioning and strategic planning for several unjustified non-brand segment users a marked difference in the movement of people meet on the need to monitor the glory Chang play bracelet A1 further meet the aesthetic pursuit of users, launched the 'dream powder, blank, vibrant blue, black magic' four kinds of fashion color. clearer positioning and more stylish design, so in many smart wearable A1 apparatus, formed its own unique core competitiveness.

Through the above analysis, we can see that the current smart wristbands have become health-conscious consumers and essential household products. It is also because the product identification market is also increasing, so that each bracelet has become large thermal electricity supplier platform sales chart regulars. we often face a variety of selling and advertising recommended list might know what to do, I believe that after reading this article you should know how to buy a bracelet for their own product.

If you can not remember so many products to identify the rules, then remember the glory Play bracelet name like A1. You can get the product for other products and standard, accurate data is definitely a mature and practical hands ring product should have. it is also being its biggest advantage in hot 6.18.