Li Ning arc four generations of woman damping | Shoes ARHJ038-2

Li Ning arc four generations of woman damping | Shoes ARHJ038-2

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Lining / Li Ning
  • Color Category: White
  • Product Number: ARHJ038
  • Suitable for: Female
  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Price tag: 469
  • Shoe size: 35 35.5 36 37 37.5 38 39
  • Price range: 51-100 yuan

  • ingredient:Rubber outsole + IP midsole
  • Sports:Run
  • Colour:Cabbage green / white
  • Sole:Rubber outsole + EVA composite bottom
  • Products Series:Running series
  • Shoes Flex Index:soft
  • product name:[2014] New Li Ning arc four generations of women's running shoes cushioning ARHJ038-2
  • Product Series:autumn
  • Story package:Li Ning arc
  • Display technology:Li Ning arc
  • gender:Female
  • Display Materials:Fabric
  • Gallery Story package:Li Ning arc four generations
  • Fabrics and materials:Sandwich mesh
  • Movement Type:Run
  • Shoes breathable index:Moderate

Li Ning brand reputation Items - Li Ning arc four generations of women damping shocking debut new running shoes, has a stylish, overhangs color, in the eyes of the first to beat all, it is impossible to resist the speed of light, from start to shine radiance strongly oversized mesh upper gives visual momentum, excellent air permeability and easy to identify. Li Ning arc cushioning technology to make this shoe has an arcuate damping characteristics of the structure and easily bent, you double feet to create first-class wearing comfort and dreamy thoughtful protection, perfect sports performance make you run more confident. Li Ning damping running shoes a leading international integrated seamlessly earnest, shoe simple and stylish appearance, very futuristic, shoes waist net seamless cloth, but also reflect the rhythm of the running shoes and fashion model. LI-NING arc / Li Ning arc cushioning the bottom of the new technology, through its wholly empty hands in motion unit structure deformation and self-recovery, provided for the feet buffer, so that movement a more flexible and comfortable cushioning experience. hemp hemp insole science and technology is a natural green plant, hemp herb insole surface using hemp fiber and herbal essential oils are thoroughly mixed woven composite fiber can be effectively suppressed bacterial deodorant, moisture management, long time to keep shoes dry and fresh inside. choose environmentally friendly low-carbon products, caring for our planet. FLEX SHELL / a new flexible soft uppers uppers flexible technology by rational distribution of elastic material and the perfect combination of technology institutions, and to reduce the movement of the upper leg of friction, excessive smoother, flexible and comfortable to provide a new experience √ uppers: fabric √ soles: rubber outsole + EVA composite bottom √ Li Ning arc new midsole full deep palmar fold trough more flexible, large arc design better damping performance. √ midsole luminous design to enhance the safety of night run at the same time more dazzling performance. √ wear non-slip rubber outsole, long service life. √ LI- NING arc / Li Ning arc; hemp insole science and technology; FLEX SHELL / soft flexible