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VE988G multi-WAN port | enterprise-class Internet access behavior management router | VE984G upgrade

VE988G multi-WAN port | enterprise-class Internet access behavior management router | VE984G upgrade
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: VOLANS / Flying Fish Star VE988G
  • Brand: VOLANS / flying fish star
  • Model: VE988G
  • Color classification: dark blue
  • Whether wireless: wired
  • Wired router speed: 1000Mbps
  • After - sales service: Genius
  • Condition: New

Flying Star VE series of Internet behavior management router, designed for small and medium enterprises, government agencies, education and research institutions and other users design, is a 'Internet behavior management', 'multi-WAN router' and 'VPN gateway' multiple functions of enterprise-class hardware network Access to equipment that helps companies monitor the use of the Internet, generate reports and manage them; help companies increase employee productivity, save network bandwidth and reduce legal risk.

Full Gigabit network interface, 4/2 Gigabit WAN port +1/3 Gigabit LAN port

Network Behavior Management System Based on Time Group and IP Address Group

Applicable to the small business network environment within 80 people

8 VPN tunnels

Full gigabit design, high specification configuration

Using professional MIPS network dedicated hardware platform design, clocked at up to 650MHz, with 128MB DDRII high-capacity high-speed memory. Both domestic and foreign networks are native to support Gigabit speed, can achieve 4 or 2 Gigabit WAN interface (WAN) and 1 or 3 Gigabit Ethernet interface (LAN). The overall forwarding capacity is 3 to 5 times the normal 100 megahertz router. Effective breakthrough in the hundred kilograms of bottlenecks, especially for large bandwidth access, network Gigabit network of enterprises to use.

Standardize the Internet behavior, staff work efficiency

Based on the management of IP address group and time group, it can effectively reduce the loss of router performance by reducing the trust of the VEF traffic acceleration technology. Even if more management functions are enabled, the performance of the router is not Will be affected too much. Not because of the behavior of some employees to manage, and affect the reasonable experience of other employees in the company in accordance with the system of behavior control at the same time, to ensure the stability of the network smooth.

In the working hours through the Internet behavior management functions for different departments of staff to develop different levels of authority management strategy.Even without a professional network management, but also can prevent the office into Internet cafes or game room, from the enterprise tapping the potential, a substantial increase in staff efficiency The

Can monitor all users browsing the site of the record, but also to prohibit access to the popular 10 categories of Web sites, they include: entertainment, news, chat friends, online games, e-shopping, forum blog, securities funds, e-mail and online banking . Support Web site classification library automatically upgrade. With black and white list and jump page settings, you can achieve a variety of complex web site management needs.

Can prohibit employees in the online forum posting, prohibit landing page mail, protect the internal information of enterprises will not be leaked. Filter URL keywords and file extension name, to prevent users to download dangerous files, reduce the virus source.

Easy to control QQ / MSN / Fetion / SKYPE and other chat tools, and support multiple business QQ number of normal use, so that both to meet the normal business development, but also to prevent employees to use private QQ chat.

Can effectively limit BT / Thunder / PPLIVE / eDonkey and other P2P software, block a variety of mainstream stocks software, both to ensure that the normal work has enough bandwidth, but also allow employees to focus on work, working hours do not distract.

Allocation of bandwidth, the network does not card can not drop line

Built-in iQos intelligent flow control technology, is based on the original Smart QOSII, a substantial optimization algorithm, the flow control accuracy to a new height, while greatly reducing the performance of the loss, effectively improve the equipment performance.

Just a key to open, the router automatically on the various types of applications, the depth of perception, classification management, grading, and always let the key business to take the priority channel, the rest of the traffic gave them the way to ensure that key applications such as: video conferencing, OA systems Always can not allocate the remaining bandwidth to other users or applications (such as file downloads, online video), really do less people use, people easy to use flow control effect!

VPN gateway, data transmission more secure

Support the standard PPTP VPN, support point-to-network and network access to the network, providing a high security encryption tunnel program.Through a simple configuration, you can easily build a secure VPN connection; to meet the geographical business users for data transmission convenience , Security, and cost requirements.

But also through the 3G line to achieve the construction of VPN tunnels, even if the fiber or other wired access failure, can switch to the 3G line in time to ensure the stability and real-time data transmission.To meet the chain of enterprises, cross-regional organizations, VPN Road backup requirements.

Multiple broadband access, improve speed and save money

At the same time access to two ADSL lines, bundled lines to enhance the bandwidth, cost savings and reduce the risk of single-line failure. Built-in telecommunications and new Unicom new strategy library to ensure that different operators of the data to make the network more smooth. Technology, according to the line bandwidth ratio and bandwidth occupancy rate automatically allocated data flow, improve the utilization of dual-line bandwidth, allowing you to truly experience the advantages of the two-lane.

Each line can be set independently 3322 / DynDNS / peanut shell and other dynamic domain name. Even if there is no fixed public IP, can easily provide all-weather website services.

Anti-virus anti-attack, network management worry and effort

Strong firewall, provide a variety of security protection. ARP trust mechanism and intranet ARP defense function combined to eliminate ARP virus intrusion, to prevent the network dropped. Support internal / external attack defense, to prevent viruses, Trojans and hackers.

Provide intuitive use of the network report, a detailed display of the use of IP details, network problems are also easy to locate.Even without professional network management, your network can easily manage.

Flying fish star VE988G Hardware specification

Equipment type

l VE988G Full Gigabit Internet Behavior Management Router


l MIPS 650MHz Network processor


l 128MB

Flash memory

l 8MB

Number of concurrent connections

l 16000Article


l 4/2A 1000MAdaptive RJ45 WAN port

l 1/3A 1000MAdaptive RJ45 LAN port


l 230.6 mm x 140 mm x 43.5 mm


l enter AC100~ 240V 50~ 60Hz

Power consumption

l ≤ 12W

Use of the environment

l Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40 storage temperature: -40℃ to 70

l Working humidity: 10% To 90% RH Not clotted Storage humidity: 5% To 90% RH Not clotted