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Beiyan autumn Korean women's long-sleeved pajamas | lovely woman cotton slacks sexy relaxed home dress skirt

Beiyan autumn Korean women's long-sleeved pajamas | lovely woman cotton slacks sexy relaxed home dress skirt
Product code: 7531300030
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 spring
  • Brand: Bei Yan
  • Applicable scenes: leisure home
  • Applicable to: youth
  • Sales channel type: pure electricity business (only online sales)
  • Fabric Material Composition: Cotton 100%
  • Section number: S4034
  • Color classification: S4034 color
  • Size: 165 (L) 170 (XL) 160 (M)
  • Fabric commonly known as: knitted cotton fabric
  • Fabric main material: cotton
  • Ingredients: 95% or more
  • Pattern: Other
  • Clothing style details: printing
  • Collar type: round neck collar
  • Sleeve: long sleeve
  • Skirt length: long skirt
  • Applicable season: spring
  • Home service style: sweet

'product brand' Bei Yan
'product name' Women's sleep skirt
'product code' S4034
'Product color' As shown in color
'Product number' Women: M code, L code, XL code
'Product ingredient' Combed knitted cotton (100% cotton)
'product manual' Implementation of the standard 'FZ / T73017-2014'
Safety category 'GB18401-2010 (class B) products that are in direct contact with the skin'
Product grade 'first grade'
Washing instructions 'reference certificate'
Product origin 'China. Guangdong'

1, recommended ≤ 30 ℃ below the low temperature or cold water, ease machine wash.
2, do not use bleach, chlorine bleach will damage the material and make the clothes turn yellow.
3, it is recommended to separate washing with other clothing.

'Tips' Note: lovers a price is a set of men or a set of women's price, not the price of men and women (jacket + pants for a set)
↓ Product Size Control (Please pay attention to the combination of height + weight reference, careful choice)
Because each person's body is different, the same height of the people may have to wear different numbers of pajamas appropriate, specifically to wear the number, pro who bought
Can tell us about your height and weight, we will consider giving you a reference number.
OUR only provide reference, can not guarantee 100% suitable, after receipt, such as the size of the clothes inappropriate, by the buyer to pay back and forth to pay back and forth.



L code: recommended height 165-170CM, weight 110-140 M code: recommended height 155-160CM, weight 88-100
XL code: recommended height 171-176CM, weight 130-150 L code: recommended height 161-167CM, weight 100-120
XXL code: recommended height 177-182CM, weight 150-180 XL code: recommended height 168-172CM, weight 120-140
Sleeves are code. Recommended height 155-172, weight 95-125 pounds or so

shell Flagship storeEndorsement model picture display

(Warm tips: model height proportion is more symmetrical, shoulder width is also wide, so try on the effect is better; recommended pro according to the actual size to buy the appropriate number of yards!

(Physical color with the picture may be slightly deviated, because different fabrics in different light will show a variety of texture, to purchase the product in kind, is hereby, hope that understanding!)