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Get fast charge / Huawei B2 smart bracelet waterproof sport pedometer Bluetooth watch Andrews smart phone Garments

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Product parameters:

  • Compatible Platform: ANDROID iOS
  • Function: photograph intelligent social entertainment sleep monitoring remind Bluetooth phone remote control Self pedometer waterproof
  • Brand: Huawei / Huawei
  • Name: B2
  • Color Category: [Business Edition - Gold] send original fast-charging head + film + special strap [Business Edition - Silver] send original fast-charging head strap + film + special Business Edition [-] send original black head + special quick charge strap Sport + film [-] send original fast-charging golden head strap + film + special sports version [-] send original fast charge black head strap + film + special sports version [-] send original silver fast charge head + dedicated strap + film
  • Applicable: android platform Apple iOS platform

* Business Edition for the European calfskin strap, Sport wristband for the allergic TPU material

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Official standard:

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TalkBand B2 bracelet x 1, USB data cable x 1, Quick Start x 1, x 1 Safety Information

Maijiu: Huawei's original fast-charging head + genuine leather strap + special protective film
+ 2-year warranty +2 times Lynx Points formal machine-printed invoices + + SF + free shipping shipping insurance

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Brand Huawei (HUAWEI)

Model TalkBand B2

Category smart bracelet


Functional diversification motion state identification (walking, running, biking, hiking); sleep statistics; Bluetooth phone; connect two phones; calorie counting; moving target setting; an event reminder; smart alarm clock; time display

Matching Android 4.0 and above; iOS 7.0 and above

Material seven metal

Screen OLED touchscreen

Battery capacity 90mAh

Bluetooth BT3.0

Button 2 Wrist strap buttons

Support Mode Sports / Sleep Mode

Transmission range of about 10m

Supports two phones Support

Micro USB charging port charging port

Theory of working time about 5 days

About 6 hours talk time

About 12 days of standby time

Theory charging time about 1.5 hours

Running memory (RAM) 96KB

Body memory (ROM) 16Mb Flash (Bluetooth), 512KB Flash (microprocessor)

Dual Microphone Mike

IP57 IP57 dustproof and waterproof

Sensors Six-axis sensor (accelerometer and gyro sensor)


Size 205mm × 20.6mm × 11.9mm

Weight about 40g (including headphones)

Screen size 0.73 inches