Huawei | Glory small K | children's intelligence | double talk Watches | secure positioning | sports pedometer

Huawei | Glory small K | children's intelligence | double talk Watches | secure positioning | sports pedometer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: honor / glory
  • Model: Small K
  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Color Classification: Super Marines Toy Story Disney Princess Frozen Captain America, Iron Man
  • Screen size: 1.3 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 128x88 pixels
  • Connection: Bluetooth connectivity
  • Case material: Plastic
  • Strap Material: Plastic
  • Shape of the dial: Square
  • Compatible Platform: ANDROID iOS
  • Function: Smart remind social entertainment Bluetooth phone waterproof
  • Wireless distance: 5m (including) -10m (including)

——— Little glory K 6 Q. On Hand ———

Q: Small KWhat needs to be installed SIM card?
small KOnly support China Mobile Nano SIM Oh cards, need to open voice and caller ID service. Watch use 2G (GPRS)Data services, more than a month 50MTraffic package used to meet.

Q: When scanning two-dimensional code is not bound phone how to do?
About whether the mobile phone camera when scanning two-dimensional code can not be found if the tips are recommended another place to light a good point, or check dirty, clean or change the camera a little higher phone.
If you are prompted to initialize, indicating the watch for the first time, wait for one minute and try again. If the scan is not always on, check
SIM It is normal business card data. If the data traffic is normal, it is recommended to try to restart the watch or restore factory settings.

Q: For the first time, how to add a contact?
Open Huawei Garments APP Click on the top left corner flag watch, open the Contact Manager, and then click Add family members and other contacts. Little KYou can add up 20Bit contact, after successfully added contacts can watch two-way conversation.
Children can also 'shake' each add friends Oh, go and try it.

Q: Bind successful watch and phone contact data is not synchronized, nor can other settings function, what is the reason?
Data may be synchronized with the cloud service is delayed, please wait for some time. Also check SIM Card on the phone 2G (GPRS)Internet access is normal, or call mobile operators consulted. If you are sure there is no problem, but have not yet synchronized, we recommend watch factory reset rebind.

Q: Small KHow often recharge a battery, charging can use?
In actual use, heavy users can use 1-2Day, light users 2-3Days. Small KEach charge about 2Hours, charging required Remove watches, it can be in place by the support frame supporting the charger.

Q: Small KHow to shut down?
For safety reasons, can only watch APP Side remote shutdown. Watch press the side buttons 5Seconds feel vibrations when release initiates SOS Help, press 10Seconds to reboot the device, can not long press shutdown.


More detailed functional and presentation please click the link:

[Novice] graphic guide describes a simple, four-step teach you easily get glory small K

As a2015Annual Children's highly sophisticated technology products, small glory KChildren call from the watch into public view on the concern. To make small partners to have a more clear understanding of the product, today the landlord deliberately finishing a little glory KSimple to use tutorial, so every minute you get exclusive technology and equipment in the hands of children.

first step First, prepared in advance of a glory and a small K ordinary mobile Nano SIM card.
Tutorial, we use the small glory KToy Story version.

The second step To install a small K Nano SIM card
With little glory KExclusive accessories screwdriver to open the back of the watch (rice fonts can unscrew the screw, a font can be forced open slot housing), the mobile Nano SIM Remove the card into the cap. Note that the installation process or take the card, do not use sharp metal pieces touch the inside slot.

third step In the APP Store or download 'Huawei Garments' APP
After the download is complete, use either network account login Huawei Garments APP Then the wearable device, select 'little glory K'Option.

the fourth step Pair watches
This step requires the user to fill in parents real phone number, verification code and get to fill in the appropriate location. Click Next to enter the relevant parent option, the system defaults to the mother, of course, the user can choose according to their identity.

When pairing the phone into watch interface, and a 'two-dimensional code scanning watches paired' prompt, the user can scan two-dimensional code is bound to watch. Press the power button to watch the side in the left column of the system clock interface sliding, two-dimensional code to find the watch.

After the phone and watch binding, you can see the phone page set your own baby information and contact friends and family function, little glory KYou can add 5Contact families, more families to facilitate communication with their children.

Call, sport, track, reward function in the phone APP Users can also set their own by the end, while little glory KMore performance requires the user to explore the opening of the second-level pages, here is not demonstrated.

Simple, fast consistent product design concept of honor, four-step easy to get a little glory KTo achieve real-time connectivity between mobile phone watch. In fact, China Unicom each other not only equipment, but also served as a bridge of communication between parents and children, from small glory KStart, so distance is no longer distant.