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IKBC G87 / G104 PBT Transparent Cap | Cherry Shaft Backlit Mechanical Keyboard | Dual System MAC Keyboard

IKBC G87 / G104 PBT Transparent Cap | Cherry Shaft Backlit Mechanical Keyboard | Dual System MAC Keyboard
Product code: 75142800030
Unit price 71.79-151.73$
Sold quantity 515
Available stock 678

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: iKBC G87 / 104
  • Packing volume: 1
  • Brand: iKBC
  • Model: G87 / 104
  • Package Type: Package One Package Two Package Three Package Four Package Five Official Standard
  • Yes No Mechanical keyboard: yes
  • Gross Weight: 2
  • Color white G-87 white green axis G-87 white green shaft G-87 white red axis G-87 white red axis G-104 white green shaft axis
  • Whether to support plug and play: support
  • Connection: Wired
  • Is there a multimedia function key: Yes
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support
  • Yes No Hand care: None
  • Condition: New
  • After - sales service: Genius

Spot G104 G87

Please note that the current sale of G87 G104 for the 17 new G series, the latest upgrade to a small font PBT word through the keycap, the keyboard nameplate upgrade to metal nameplate, upgrade the dual system, the perfect support WIN /MAC system Can be a key switch.

Package A Plus light version (ice blue light rainbow white light optional)

Package II Keyboard original keycap infection (Rainbow Frozen Valentine's Day blue demon optional)

Package III Inflict Key Cap Plus (Version)

Package IV Full powder backlight customized version

Package Five Choi Ha fairy rainbow shell rainbow keycap backlight custom version

Parents must know the next:

Package 1 to the package five of the keyboard lights and the importation of the keycap is custom DIY, we will be strictly checked before shipment, to ensure that no problems will be issued to you after you receive the keyboard, if not a quality problem, just because the feel , Do not like, smelly axis and other reasons for the return policy, can not give you returned. I suggest you first confirm the model, and then DIY custom.If you shop in the first purchase of the keyboard, the latter can be sent back to us DIY custom.

Package one two three versions are required to customize the general are about two to three days to issue a specific time, please consult customer service!

Buy G104, presented : Wire rod, two-color RGB keycap

IKBC C series G series are used German cherry axis

The difference is that the G keycap font light transmission backlight mode multi-C keycap non-word through the open backlight micro-bright backlight mode less

Simple to say that the backlight recommended G series more than a hundred backlit cool a lot do not backlit C series, after all, cheap one hundred work feel the same cost do not backlight is clearly high a lot of

  • As the keycap in the production of transport, lose the process inevitably cause bumps squeeze, so after the dip may make the individual keycap bumps and small scratches spots to appear, hope we understand! Manual infection there is a slight color Severe forced Patients can consider the shop's keycap finished product, no scratches!

  • G package plus a light version of ice blue light rainbow light white light optional

    Package II Infection Key Cap Edition Rainbow Blue Devil Frost Valentine's Day Optional (no backlight)

    Package Three Inflict Key Caps Plus Light Edition Rainbow White Edition Blue Banshi White Edition Valentine's Day White Edition Frozen Key Cap Ice Blue Light Edition Optional

    Package 4 full powder custom version G series has light C series without light

    Full powder customized version As the piano paint shell process more complex custom time needs a week or so also want to forgive the full powder keycap for the manual infection is difficult to scratch slightly scratch marks carefully

    Package Five Purple Fairy Rainbow Key Cap Rainbow Shell Version

    Choi Ha fairy limited edition for the color shell color keycap which is particularly colored shell process complex as many as ten steps to the process of anti-overcoating paint polished as a result of the color gradient of ten colors which are very complex part of the spray spray a color paint and then polished Spray another kind of re-paint and then polish repeatedly overturned ten times the experience of spraying the pro should know how to waste the paint is the time for a long time to customize the cost of a color shell 200about The technical requirements of our relatively strong custom factory manufacturers can only manually customize the monthly ten or so So the monthly sale 10To put