Send CAP IKBC axis mechanical keyboard G87 G104 cherry cherry axis | PBT Cap mechanical keyboard

Send CAP IKBC axis mechanical keyboard G87 G104 cherry cherry axis | PBT Cap mechanical keyboard

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: iKBC G87/104
  • Package size: 1
  • Brand: iKBC
  • Model: G87/104
  • Package type: three packages of two packages packages packages packages of five four official standard
  • Mechanical keyboards: Yes
  • Weight: 2
  • Color classification: G-104 axle G-87 axle G-87 white black white black white black white white green tea axle G-104 axle G-104 axle G-87 white red white red white tea axle G-87 axle G-104 axle
  • Supports Plug-and-play support
  • Connection: cable
  • Is there a multimedia function keys:
  • Interface type: USB
  • Supports ergonomic support
  • Hands-free: no
  • Condition: brand new
  • After-sales service: the whole country

Super welfare: now, buy G87/G104 keyboard, send the original White PBT cap set, together with the keyboard!

Package Add light Edition (rainbow light ice blue lights white lights optional)

Package II Keyboard original Cap infection (Frost blue Valentine the Rainbow demon optional)

Package three Infection CAP and light Edition (PS version)

Set of four Powder back plate

Package five Pink clouds Rainbow fairy Rainbow shell Cap back plate

Attention! Infection Cap clouds fairy powder version version and custom line plus lamps belong to the individuals who, therefore, are outside the country provided no reason to return within 7 days! (Ethan once took non-refundable)

Under the close must be aware of:

Keyboard lights belong to the DIY custom modified, will be treated in strict inspection before delivery, ensuring that any problem will reinstate you. After you receive the keyboard, if not quality problem, simply because of the handle, do not like, smelly grounds such as shaft returns are not returned to you. We recommend that you first confirm model, DIY custom. If you purchase at the store the keyboard, DIY can then be sent back to the us in the late order.

Package 123 version requires custom is generally about two or three days reinstate may issue a specific time, please consult the customer service!

G104, gifts : Wire pull key, two-colour RGB key caps

IKBC c series g series are Germany cherry axis

Difference g Cap c Cap font light backlight mode non-Word less on Kai backlighting light backlit mode

Simply to spend 100 backlight backlight proposal g series cool a lot not backlight series c 100 cheaper work feel like price, after all, not the backlight by far higher A lot

  • Because Cap shipped in the production, transmission and unavoidable cause bumps in the process squeezing, dye so may make individual Cap bump and small scratches and spots to show up, hope you understand! Hand infection there is a slight difference in patients with severe obsessive compulsive disorder can consider our caps finished, no scratches!

  • Package with light ice blue light rainbow light white light optional

    Package b infection Cap Rainbow Blue Demon Ji Shuang frozen Valentine optional (without backlight)

    Package three infected CAP and light version of Rainbow white light blue demon Ji Baiguang Edition Valentine's day white light Frost Cap blue light version can be selected

    Customized packages four powder c series version of the g-series light lamp

    Powder plate As piano paint Shell technology is more sophisticated customization time needed for a week or so also hope forgive me powder Cap why hand infection inevitable minor scratches spotted mind carefully

    Package five pink clouds Rainbow fairy Cap Rainbow Shell version

    Clouds fairy qualified version why color shell color key CAP which especially why color shell process complex up to ten road process anti-anti-covered covered roast paint polished due to color gradient ten species color which gradient part is complex spray finished a color roast paint then polished Hou again spray addition a again roast paint again polished anti-anti-covered covered 10 times has spray experience of Pro-should knows a is waste paint II is time long alone custom a a color shell of cost on in 200You Joh Master of technology requires perfect customized company we can only hand-tailored ten or so Monthly is limited to 10The