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Han Ning hot water bottle warmer warm hand Po warm baby warm water bottle explosion proof plush cartoon water can be washed and washed

Product code: -74842200030
Unit price 5.25-6.85$
Sold quantity 92675
Available stock 12093
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Han Ning
  • Model: HN-001
  • Gross weight: 1.6
  • (Can be removed and washed) pink lamb (removable and washable) pink lamb (removable and washable) pink lamb (removable and washable) pink lamb (Removable and washable) Cockroaches (removable and washable) Cockroaches (removable and washable) Yellow Duck (removable and washable) Long mouth coffee Monkey (Removable and washable) Lacquered double-cylinder dark green (removable and washable) Second-generation double-cylinder fox (removable and washable) Long-beaded Rose monkey (removable and washable) khaki bear bear (removable and washable) pink bear bear (removable and washable)
  • Hot water bottle type: Rechargeable electric tube hot water bottle
  • Material: velvet

From time to time prices

The first 1000, each loss of 30 yuan, the event is coming to an end, immediately prices! Factory original injection of good water delivery, received can be used, We only do water separation riot safety hot water bottle quality super good, grab crazy it!