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Kanen / KM-870 music mp3 computer headset | mobile phone MP4 headset | heavy bass |

Kanen / KM-870 music mp3 computer headset | mobile phone MP4 headset | heavy bass |
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: kanen / card can KM-870
  • Package type: official standard
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz
  • Color Classification: White Black Blue Purple Pink
  • Wearing: wearing ear protection
  • Headset Type: Wired
  • Whether the microphone: without wheat
  • Headphones after-sales service: Genius
  • Plug diameter: 3.5mm
  • Headphone plug type: straight type
  • Headphone output audio source: portable audio-visual
  • Cable length: 2.0m
  • Headphone Type: Sports Headset Game AV Earphone
  • Brand: kanen / card can
  • Model: KM-870

The card can KM-870 headphones look light and elegant style, pure white appearance, clean gold-plated decoration, high elasticity of the engineering plastic body, so this product is very beautiful, in the hand is also very good play. Symmetrical and reasonable, neither too floating too weak, there is no bulky attitude, product design and reveal the inherent temperament, are in line with fashion music headset this position.

Headset appearance is very clean, simple, round earmuffs, big 'L', 'R' letter signs but just right is very exaggerated, it highlights the personality of the headphone body of convergence, fit the details are handled very well Delicate, do not see the slightest burr.

Card can fashion headphones KM-870

At the same time, innovative headset brand is also in the development of fashion in the camp of headphones, not only the Department of European countries, Europe and the United States, Europe and the United States, Europe and the United States, From the sound quality to the appearance of the design concept of the card can be upgraded headphones, in the progress of the formation of their own style, and the introduction of the card can KM- 870 headphones, in similar products is even more out of the ordinary.

The card can KM-870 white fashion appearance, clear and elegant appearance and gorgeous decoration Xiangyingghui, simple design makes the card KM-870 headphones out of imitation, embarked on the original fashion road.

Canal KM-870 Headphones Appreciation

The KM-870 headset is designed for fashionable people, wearing a headset, using metal plating to create a shell, and through a variety of special coating treatment, transparent and beautiful, delicate texture, but also very A large degree of improved durability.

KM-870 headset appearance of superb technology, although the use of plastic headset material, but did not find the burr, the edge of the rounded, stitching exactly match the seam, as if a handicraft.

Earmuffs with a layer of sponge inside the ear structure, ear fullness and richness of quality and into, handmade rare leather to bring a comfortable feel. Earmuffs of moderate size, can be closely fit with the ears, a very good sound insulation , Even in the noisy environment can also have a good listening environment.

Headset built-in 40MM large drive unit, with the scientific cavity design, bring comfortable sound quality.

The card can KM-870 headset rigorous scientific design

Plastic material wearing anti-bending, all-round extension will not break deformation, so that a durable and comfortable and considerate and harmonious unity.

3.5 mm straight plug, with good compatibility. Gilded material transmission power consumption is lower, a good guarantee of the headset sound quality.

In general, this card can KM-870 headphones, regardless of the design, process, sound quality are carefully manufactured on the price, the localization of the design and manufacture significantly reduce the cost,

Line length of 1.5 meters

The pro attention!

Although our headset is not the most expensive, but our products can be trusted Cannon headphones Focus on headset manufacturing, products are exported overseas, all products have High cost We do not follow the same price, we just follow us Twice as expensive Of the headphones to compare.

Some pro feel that the product quality is not as good as other buyers evaluation here we recommend that you buy the headset 'Burn machine' Of the attempt.
'Burn machine' headset regardless of size, as long as you love music, would like to feel Auditory shock , Then 'burn machine' bar pro

Burn the machine precautions:

Many parents bought a new headset are a little dissatisfied with the sound, this is not because the headset quality problems, but the headset itself is not fully play absolute performance, the need for a traditional work - burn machine, Headphones within the rapid aging of the diaphragm stability, so as to achieve the sound of the comfortable state.

Headphones burn machine is a long process, we also need to download some songs before, divided into three categories, One is pure white noise, One is the traditional audition disc , Such as now popular online Beyerdynamic audio CD, Sennheiser audition discs and the like, is not a lossless APE format OK, burning machine music does not need too fine, The last category is you usually like to listen to the song , Need to prepare some more, and then you can burn the machine.

The first stage For the warm-up phase, we need to use the white noise on the headphones for the initial pot burning machine, this time about 30 hours , Attention will be Adjust the volume to 30%, Can not be too stimulating the headphone diaphragm, because the new headphone diaphragm elasticity in general, excessive volume is likely to cause irreversible damage.

second stage For the full burn-in stage, we use the previously downloaded audition discs on the headset to further burn machine, this time about 50-80Hour, you need to adjust the volume 50%, after that Gradually magnify the volume , This stage finally 20 hours Can be transferred to 80%, After this stage you will find the sound of the headset is very different with the initial, in particular, the nominal use of new technology diaphragm headphones change the most obvious, The overall sound quality tends to be significantly improved.

The third phase For the staging stage, you can use Often listen to music On the headset for the final burning machine, so the sound of the headset will become more suitable for their own tastes, especially The details of the sound performance is more comfortable Some, this need 50Hour or so, and the volume transferred to 80%, So that the headphone diaphragm is completely active, so High, low frequency can play come out.

The overall burn time 130-170 hours in the burning machine in the process, need to pay attention to sound quality changes, we should also pay attention to the quality of the headset itself, which is the diaphragm is complete, you can listen to some familiar music , To see what abnormal sound, such as should not have some flap sound, and tear tearing noise, on the other hand you have to pay attention to the volume of ears are balanced, if there is about the volume of different time, the first re-connect the signal Line and headphone cable, if the problem is still not resolved, it proves that headphones need to return to the factory repair.

We are at Listen for the first time We bought a new headset will generally feel the sound is relatively tight, especially the high frequency and low frequency part of the performance is more obvious, Some sound seems to relax , I believe that through the three stages of the burning machine after our headphones should be able to play the basic skill, Online often said to listen to the pot is not feasible, but there is no targeted burning machine sound quality change will be more long, usually more than 1 year.

Note: Burn machine, English name: Break-in, is a rapid aging of the equipment and stability Some components such as transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors, when the new electrical parameters of instability, after a period of time to gradually stabilize after use.For headphones , Burn machine is actually in the pot diaphragm folding, new headphones diaphragm folding mechanical poor, resulting in relatively large distortion, after a period of time after use, compliance gradually getting better, the distortion will gradually drop to normal levels.

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