Network Q3 4WAN mouth intelligent router PPPOE | Intelligent flow control | Multi-WAN superimposed belt machine 50 router

Network Q3 4WAN mouth intelligent router PPPOE | Intelligent flow control | Multi-WAN superimposed belt machine 50 router

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: HWATONE Q3
  • Brand: HWATONE
  • Model: Q3
  • Color classification: BUCEROS / character
  • Wireless: Wired
  • Cable router speed: 100Mbps
  • Condition: New

First, multi-line load balancing Multiple broadband access, increase speed and save money

1, support multi-line access: with 4 WAN port to support load balancing, bandwidth aggregation, line backup function.You can use multiple ADSL to replace the fiber, or increase ADSL bandwidth, Support a variety of mixed-line access, multi-threaded tools, you can achieve the network speed after the superposition.

2, multi-line diversion strategy: can be based on the source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, domain name, line allocation or automatically based on the number of Internet users assigned to.

3, the network of intelligent balance mode: In the realization of 'telecommunications traffic to take the telecommunications line, Unicom traffic to take Unicom line' basis, you can also access the length and width, education network, and other different operators automatically optimize business data, completely solve the different The interconnection problem of the operator's network;

4, the line off detection and backup: line automatic detection of backup, support a variety of detection methods to ensure that enterprise networks always online.

Second, intelligent traffic management Intelligent allocation of bandwidth, the network card is not dropped

1, intelligent flow control: only need to choose a good wide-area network bandwidth, equipment based on network usage, and always optimize the bandwidth resources to ensure that the game is not cards, web pages.

2, the reasonable allocation of bandwidth: you can select for different upstream and downstream control strategy can be preempted or fixed bandwidth. You can specify the time period, which can automatically load the default flow control rules.Can different data for different interfaces Control, for a large difference between the multi-line bandwidth situation, you can more rational use of bandwidth, to avoid the waste of overall bandwidth resources.

3, the key application priority: the user can specify their own need to protect the priority of the important application data, so that part of the data in any case priority to protect the transmission, so as to ensure smooth business-critical business applications.

4, support the bandwidth guarantee function.

Third, network security applications Anti-virus anti-attack, network management peace of mind and effort

1, ARP security mechanism: a leading ARP trust mechanism and ARP defense within the network combined to prevent ARP virus, to prevent the network dropped.

2, detection 'LAN port illegal gateway': the leading defense network gateway forgery function.

3, the network anti-attack function: can effectively resist the DDoS / SYN attacks within the network, and to prevent common 'land, spoofing and other attacks.

4, the connection limit: You can limit the number of specified IP network connections, which can effectively prevent users from using P2P software to abuse bandwidth.

four, Internet behavior management --Standardize online behavior, staff efficiency

1, URL site classification, the classification of various types of Web site management, designated users within the specified time to visit the designated site

2, URL black and white list, so that employees can only access work-related hours in the work-related Web sites, improve work efficiency while avoiding the probability of poisoning.

3, QQ black and white list, so that companies can work to specify the customer service QQ landing.

4, P2P program management, how much 21 kinds of P2P programs, online video, chat tool management.

5, access control permissions, so that designated departments can only access the internal network and send and receive mail, prohibit access to INTELNET.

6, multi-subnet isolation, so that different departments are isolated from each other to avoid the spread of viruses and confidential data leakage.

Fifth, the network PPPoE / WEB Authentication server /Plug and Play

Support PPPoE / Web authentication function, network users through the operating system's PPPoE dial-up function or WEB authentication connected to the router after the Internet.

Advantages of PPPoE Server:

1, network management: by assigning each user account, to effectively manage user access to the network.

2, broadband billing: billing management for each account to support the expiration reminder, the user online query and modify the password and other functions, so that more intelligent cell operations.

3, anti-ARP spoofing: only allows PPPoE dial-up Internet, completely eliminate the network users to modify IP address, MAC address and other information, effectively get rid of ARP data packet problems, completely solve the network IP spoofing and other network problems.

4, Web authentication: Users through the designated account to access the network, suitable for coffee shops, hotels and other public places, as the network billing can also achieve the publicity effect.In the enterprise can be used as employees online access management.

5, plug and play: Plug and Play enabled on the device, the intranet users do not need to change any settings, regardless of the intranet user IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server how to change, through the Equipment Internet. Greatly facilitate the hotel users, business travelers anytime, anywhere access to the Internet, improve network management convenience and efficiency

6, the network notification function

Announcement function is a special user-friendly network management function, it can play a rapid transmission of information tools and powerful advertising features, especially for business management staff to convey to the major information bulletin (instant message notification, problem decision (Such as the time and type of meals, real-time traffic information, etc.), the community immediate public information (such as public events and typhoons, low temperature and other real-time weather information, etc.), the hotel to remind guests of the guests' , The legalization of Internet cafes (prohibited minors online, prohibit access to illegal sites warning information, etc.).

Seven, Easy to use easy to manage

1, intranet management easy and intuitive: Through intuitive data flow charts and network status reports, each line of data traffic at a glance.You can real-time statistics of each IP cumulative traffic, real-time traffic, the number of network connections and other key indicators, comprehensive Analysis of each IP network connection details, the positioning of network problems is also easy

2, configuration backup and import: Each configuration file can be saved to the computer, you need to reconfigure the router, you can import the appropriate configuration file, shorten the configuration time.

3, easy to use: All Chinese WEB configuration and management page, configuration is simple, no professional network management. Support free software upgrades, fully meet the small and medium enterprises, Internet cafes multi-WAN port access needs.