Sharp as the Czech integrated aluminum pole bracket camera hold column bracket clamp bracket pole bracket corner

Sharp as the Czech integrated aluminum pole bracket camera hold column bracket clamp bracket pole bracket corner

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: RSJ
  • Model: sharp as the Czech 606 duck mouth bracket

606 aluminum pole aluminum hoop Duckbill bracket bracket integration with 2mm thickening clamp brackets a pair (duck-billed real Thick 1.5mm) Full height 300MM, chassis 120MMx75MM , By 2 Stainless steel ring! Clamp ring can be adjusted, based on object size, buy the right size hoop rings. Circle and the Circle line.

(Whether it is round, or square, with the hoop Duckbill bracket, and all that) Belongs to Universal bolt hold column One bracket , For poles, lamp posts, trees and a variety of environments, Payloads of type 60, type 90, type 110, shield-type camera.

Hoop Duckbill supports six advantages, have it your way.

Suitable for holding pole diameter of 6.5CM-28CM you can use the default tab 155mm-178mm

Adjustment range (for example: 118-140mm, why small clamping diameter 118mm, maximum diameter outer diameter of 140mm products

Warm Suggests that these specifications are diameter (OD) sizes, not the perimeter)

Description: (155-178MM Diameter can be adjusted)

Scalable means the diameter of 155 mm-178 mm in diameter can be used within the

How to calculate the diameter, the formula is: circumference divided by 3.14 (PI)

For example: the perimeter is 550 mm ÷ 3.14=175 mm (the diameter)

One, duck mouth bracket clamp ring and perfect combination.

Second, thickened Duckbill bracket, combined with stainless steel ring, more stable firm.

Three, 1.5MM thick duck support, camera on the market to meet the weight requirement.

Four, for particularly large poles, lamp posts, 2 rings can be used in-line mode, the use of more flexible and more convenient.

Five, a hoop Duckbill bracket solution, in order to save costs.

The camera pole mounting accessories

Pole clamp, hold fitting

Suitable for holding various pole 6.5CM-28CM you can use the default tabs

Diameter of 155mm-178mm

You can choose the following tabs

0-100MM diameter can be adjusted (20)

91-114MM diameter can be adjusted (20)

118-140MM diameter can be adjusted (20)
141-164MM Diameter can be adjusted 20 a)

155-178MM Diameter can be adjusted (20)

175-197MM diameter can be adjusted (20)

100-200MM Diameter can be adjusted (20)

0-200MM Diameter can be adjusted (20)

194-216MM diameter can be adjusted (20)
213-235MM diameter can be adjusted (20)
232-254MM diameter can be adjusted (20)
200-400MM Diameter can be adjusted (25)

0-400MM diameter can be adjusted (25)

200-500MM diameter can be adjusted 25 a)

0- 300MM Diameter can be adjusted (25)

Please note how much photographed with buckle

Pole mounting bracket: widely used in telephone poles, columns such as fixed camera position to compensate for such problems encountered during installation!

Method of use:

First word screwdriver turn Rotary screw on bar buckle, remove the iron bars; And then through the mounting holes on the bars around the pole and make contact to the end connection; Finally, a screwdriver to twist in the opposite direction of iron on the TURNBUCKLE to secure the scaffold.


After the pole bracket, need other support (for example: duck v bracket, 305Bracket) used to eventually connect the fixed cameras.

Note: need to use brackets to buy and install screws customer