Decathlon | Adult snowboard holder | Veneer holder | quick release | Innovation WED'ZE

Decathlon | Adult snowboard holder | Veneer holder | quick release | Innovation WED'ZE

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Decathlon / Decathlon
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Item: 8110557
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 499.00
  • Color Classification: M (35-40) L (41-43) XL (44-46)
  • Time to market: 2012

Designed forIntermediate to experienced skiers needed to quickly wear off leggings design
Brand: WED 'ZE name: Skiing ski boots


constitute: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide, EVA foam, polyester fiber
Colour: black Warranty: 2 years
Supportive: Is hinged at the center in the broadband design provides a very comfortable support
Cushioning: Heel and toe cushioning + Flexible hollow backplane provides cushioning and comfort
Easy adjustment: Setting: accelerator pedal + front / rear plate + memory fixation system
Easy to wear off: Fixed memory system design is very fast. Penetrating, buckle, slide.
Accuracy: Polyamide substrate, the coated glass fibers to provide 30 percent more power.
Slim: M = 35-39 L = 38-43 XL = 42-50
easy to use: Intermediate to Advanced
Product Manager states:

Put side system uses a fast (for the first time can be adjusted properly). Then fasten and glide.
Expedite 2.0 upgrade to version 1.0, use the faster and easier.

Program / Terrain: Expedite 2.0 is for skiers to wear off during snow boots can save more time designing. Have intermediate or advanced skiers must support. If you are a particularly serious skier, you need to use the best boots support traditional leggings with ankle strap (the most powerful strap system). this is the all-terrain / skiing / cross-country skiing, even the most perfect choice for novice skiing ski applicable.
Before and after the positive


Loading 30% glass fiber polyamide insole make faster and greater power transfer, lower part of the steel used to make sure that the spoiler upper support and flexibility to provide maximum comfort to the calf.


Patented quick side tightly into the science and technology system, you can remember your previous setting. 3D series lace lacing ensuring convenience while making the boots more comfortable.

Bottom of the design

Pattern design and four screws at the bottom, with skis close together, skiers must support.