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Apple / Apple | Stainless steel case with white sports strap

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Product parameters:

    1. Please check the product parameters before purchasing this product, then select the style and model you need to purchase.
    2. For the purpose of verification, the recipient of the shipping address shall provide to the carrier designated by us the proof of the identity of the buyer or the recipient of the order listed in the order.
    3. We ship to you free of charge.
    4. The invoice will not be sent with the goods at the same time. The invoice will be sent to the address on the order after the order is sent out by using the courier, if the invoice is modified (the default is personal), it will need to communicate with the customer to confirm. Questions, please refer to.
    5. For returns, please provide your contact name, phone number, pickup address, and pickup time in your refund instructions. Pick-up time is 3-5 working days after the day of the return application, except weekends and holidays. No need to return, do not need to choose freight insurance.
    6. Please do not fill in the next single-time instructions, problems can be directly communicated with the customer service.
    7. Requires iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 or 7 Plus with iOS 10 or later.
    • Education Sales with Refunds and Conditions
    • 1. For educational purposes, the person eligible to purchase from the Lynx Apple Store official flagship store includes persons who meet the following criteria:
    • In Alipay App successfully through Alipay 'in college students to verify' process validation of individual college students users.
    • 2. For educational purposes, only individual college students from Apple's official website to buy Apple's flagship store, not for institutional purchase or distribution.
    • 3. For the purpose of education, individual university student users are allowed to purchase the following quantities of products per academic year:
    • Desktop or Notebook: You can purchase two (2) units per academic year
    • Mac mini: You can purchase one (1) unit per academic year
    • IPad: You can buy two (2) units per academic year
    • Display: Up to two (2) units can be purchased per academic year
    • IPod: There is no limit to the number of iPods purchased per academic year
    • 4. Educational Items purchased at the Apple Store's official flagship store are only for sale to eligible college students. Apple will issue you a general invoice approved by the Inland Revenue Department for reimbursement, proof of eligibility, and application for repair. Individuals may only be issued.
    Purchase Notes
    Product Delivery Information
    Apple Store official flagship store products are delivered by designated courier during business hours Monday to Sunday. All deliveries are signed. The order is shipped when the product is in stock and can result in multiple shipments. If you do not, you will be left with a business card that informs you to contact the courier to arrange a more convenient delivery date. For your convenience, you may prefer to send your order to your office address. Note that if you so decide, the goods may be received by the receiving and dispatching department.For the sake of safety, the delivery to the mailbox is not allowed.For verification purposes, the recipient of the shipping address shall provide to the carrier specified by us the buyer or the recipient Proof of identity.
    Purchase eligibility
    The Apple Store official flagship store sells and ships products to individuals only, and although Apple has confirmed the order or payment, it can cancel any order if Apple has reasonable grounds to believe that the purchase is not for personal use.
    Operating time
    If you would like to receive product and pricing information, our online customer service will be available from 9am to 6pm (excluding Chinese public holidays) from Monday to Sunday.On order status information or information about your order status, Flagship store issued orders for other help, please contact online customer service.
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    You can log in to the Lynx to view your order status.
    You need to use Alipay to pay, for Alipay specific details, please refer to Alipay payment help.
    Http: // helpalipaycom / lab / indexhtm
    We will provide the general invoice, can be used for reimbursement, to prove the qualification of the warranty and apply for maintenance. The invoice in the product shipped separately sent to the address on the order.To modify the invoice header, please communicate with Want Want to confirm whether to allow changes.
    After receiving the invoice, if the invoice header, content or amount, and the order or the re-opened when the content does not match, please contact Want Want to confirm, and the original invoice to Apple company If the customer needs to re - invoice issues, need to return at their own expense.
    Once the invoice is reopened or reopened only once within 90 days after the order is shipped, Apple will issue a new invoice within 4 weeks after the original invoice is recovered.
    Invoice Send Address: Dongcheng District, Beijing East Chang An Avenue, Oriental Plaza, East Economic and Trade East, an office building, Room 20, Room 1-6
    To: Online Store - Invoice
    Zip code: 100738
    Tel: 010-85265000 (This number is not Apple customer service phone, if the order, please contact Want Want customer service)
    Refunds and returns
    Apple to comply with the provisions of the Three Guarantees, Apple Store official flagship store consumers to provide 7 days of return service. Apple Store official flagship store prompts you: After receiving the goods, please first check the product appearance, color and configuration If you find any questions, please contact the online customer service staff immediately, waiting for Apple's free home goods will be retrieved. You do not need to return, do not need to choose shipping insurance.We received a refund, verified by the relevant departments, can You apply for Returns.

    If we accept your returned product, we will refund to you the cash portion of your purchase price, which is the portion of the deducted price for the Lynx Points, the Tactel Tickets and the Points.