Langsha snag-proof ultra thin summer pantyhose black stockings nude stockings at the end of added fat fat mm200 catty XL

Langsha snag-proof ultra thin summer pantyhose black stockings nude stockings at the end of added fat fat mm200 catty XL

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: the fall of 2016
  • Even numbers: 1 pair
  • Brand: langsha
  • Style number: zt6612
  • Fabric material composition: polyamide (nylon) 82.3% polyurethane elastic fibers (spandex) 17.7%
  • Color classification: added fertilizer increased black added fertilizer increased colour added fertilizer increased grey added fertilizer increased coffee added fertilizer increased shallow coffee black skin Gray Lady dark green sapphire deep Lady 603 anti-hook silk black 603 anti-hook silk skin 603 anti-hook silk gray 601 package core silk black 601 package core silk skin 601 package core silk gray 601 package core silk Lady t crotch black t crotch skin t crotch gray t crotch Lady
  • Size: extra large wide-body snag-proof "double plus" extra wide body cored wire "double plus" summer thin sexy core-spun silk "single and" snag-proof wear hosiery "single and" ultrathin frozen pantyhose "cool wear" seamless crotch crotch t "crotch-t"
  • Cylinder height: rompers
  • Thickness: thin
  • Crotch styles: single-sided and crotch
  • Fabric material: core-spun silk
  • Pattern: solid color
  • Function uses socks: leg shape
  • Style: sexy
  • Applying gender: female

Langsha thin silk stockings, main ingredients in order: nylon and spandex, since there are more manufacturers langsha, factory production batch number will be different, but the material is the same, and composition will differ, in particular to receive packaged ingredients in order to prevail in kind! (Order part number the following elements)

Thin core wire
Nylon spandex 82.3% ZT6617 17.7%
V601 82.3% 17.7% spandex
98313 nylon spandex 17.7%
ZT6650 hip: nylon spandex 9.4% 90.6% legs: nylon spandex 81.3% 18.7%
Nylon spandex 82.3% Z6806 17.7%
Nylon spandex 82.3% AX6888 17.7%

Ultra-thin anti snag
V602 nylon spandex 82.3% 17.7%
98809 nylon spandex 17.7%

Super thin bikini
Nylon spandex 82.3% ZT6648 17.7%
AX6811 leg: nylon spandex 82.3% 17.7%
AX6811 leg: nylon spandex 80.8% 19.2%

Slim flight attendant lingerie
Nylon spandex 82.3% AX6848 17.7%
Nylon spandex 80.8% L3474 19.2%
Nylon spandex 82.3% L3474 17.7%

Ultra-thin large cored wire
98316 nylon spandex 17.7%

Slim size anti snag
Nylon spandex 82.3% ZT6621 17.7%
Nylon spandex 80.8% AX6826 19.2%
Nylon spandex 80.8% AL6045 19.2%

Slim t-stockings
AL690 nylon spandex 80.8% 19.2%
Nylon spandex 82.3% AX6819 17.7%