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Natural summer thin shawl small jacket | wild chiffon sleeveless female sunscreen clothing | short cardigan small waistcoat

Natural summer thin shawl small jacket | wild chiffon sleeveless female sunscreen clothing | short cardigan small waistcoat
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Product parameters:

  • Style: wild
  • Item: YJ-203-5 yarn sleeve beads
  • Clothing version type: shawl type
  • Thickness: Thin section
  • Brand: natural wake up
  • Combination forms: single piece
  • Length: short paragraph
  • Sleeve length: seven-point sleeve
  • Collar: V collar
  • Sleeve type: conventional
  • Clothing placket: a buckle
  • pattern: plain
  • Popular elements / technology: Zhahua stitching
  • Applicable age: 25-29 years of age
  • Year Season: Summer 2014
  • Color Classification: rice pink pearl white watermelon red classic black
  • size: one size

design concept

This paragraph is 2014 new ladies Fan! This section gives the feeling of simple and generous, gentle, like fresh and sweet feeling of pro who can not lose the opportunity Oh! Very close to the skin, PH value close to the human skin PH value, never stimulate the skin! Elasticity! Wear up the skin feels very cool, washed will not shrink! Will not become big!

With suggestions

Summer light yarn sleeve listing, light and playful and there is a trace of sexy gauze lantern sleeve coming! Both sunscreen, and breathable, and yet lose the characteristics of a woman favorite, because it is high-quality chiffon, as translucent, looming, So with a trace of sexy, pro Come try it This paragraph is with the bottoming shirt! Sling, dress, vest, sleeveless Korean version of the perfect match! Pro, why not let friends or colleagues close relatives ask you: Tell me, I have to buy pieces of wear. 'Quickly so that people around the envy of jealousy hate to go to it!', 'I do not know how to wear a t-shirt, you wear this beautiful!

Recommended reason

This section has great flexibility! If the size of some large buyers out of 2-10 cm is no problem !, Selling clothes are single pieces! Pro can be freely with!
This section is a single piece, please pro-carefully shot. The whole section looks extremely sweet, I feel like eating rainbow sugar as sweet.Unique clothes on the decorative washable! Easy to fall off! The princess do not have to wait! Once you have, is the princess .

size Clothing length Shoulder width Sleeve Length bust Sleeve circumference maximum Sleeve circumference minimum
Free size 42-45 35 42 (Lantern Sleeve) Fixed 42 35 (elastic maximum)

Xiao Qian




158 cm / 45 kg

168 cm / 43 kg

163cm / 52kg

170 cm / 65 kg









Free size

Free size

Free size

Free size

Can wear, the fabric is very comfortable.

Very elegant.

Size and length are appropriate, very comfortable.

Good flexibility, fat MM can also wear Oh

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