Cable power TP-LINK TL-PA500 cat 500M | Powerline adapters | HD IPTV

Cable power TP-LINK TL-PA500 cat 500M | Powerline adapters | HD IPTV

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: TP-Link/General Technology TL-P ...
  • Brand: TP-Link/General technology
  • Model: TL-PA500 set
  • Package type: standard
  • Color category: black
  • Transfer speed: 500Mbps

500M Powerline adapter

  • Use wire network without laying network cable, Sockets where you can access networks outside the mini
  • A line within the same meter Sockets can be used
  • Plug and play, no need to set, easy to use
  • Automatic AES data encryption, secure and reliable
  • 100V~ 240V voltage range, ensuring electricity Summit stability
  • No radiation, low power, green energy

Product description:

500M transfer rate, 300m distance of transmission

TL-PA500 transmit data through power line, offers 500Mbps data rate, access to support more users at the same time, meet the needs of high-bandwidth applications.

TL-PA500 in the context of the same meter that transmits 300m distance to meet demand for long distance data transfer.

Suitable for a variety of network environments

TL-PA500 transmit data through power line, in order to facilitate networking:

No wired network layout, alignment difficulties wired network such as network environments, such as hotels, duplex-style houses, TL-PA500 can provide no additional cabling solutions, using the existing power lines for data transmission.

Wireless does not completely cover, a blind spot or poor coverage of the network environment, such as large housing, apartment, Villa, TL-PA500 for what a good supplement to eliminate blind spots.

Higher requirements on network delay applications, such as online games, online video, IPTV, and TL-PA500 can be better supported, providing a steady, good results.

Application QoS network priority

TL-PA500 support the QoS priority, ensure priority uses network resources used by applications, guarantees high delay applications such as online gaming, online video, IPTV, open.

Energy saving and environmental protection

TL-PA500 built-in Intelligent detection, client devices such as when the computer is turned off or in standby state, TL-PA500 from normal power mode automatically switches to the power saving mode, you can save up to 80% of power.

Supports AES encryption

TL-PA500 support 128-bit AES encryption and network password can be set through the software interface, different networks to ensure data security.

Easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to use

TL-PA500 connected via a power socket and power supply, Plug and play, greatly reducing the number of network cabling and difficulty of network environment simpler and easier to maintain.