Smart Mouse NF-819 | Weak Wire Finder | Wall Line Underground Cable Dark Line Finder

Smart Mouse NF-819 | Weak Wire Finder | Wall Line Underground Cable Dark Line Finder

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: shrewd mouse
  • Model: NF-819
  • Product No .: NF-819
  • Color classification: NF-819 Hunt instrument
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects

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Brand: Shrewd mouse
model: NF-819
Name: Hunt instrument
Origin: Guangdong Shenzhen
price: 280 yuan
Product Description:

1. Look for all uncharged or DC lines below 48V.

2. No interference hunt function, any current and the external environment will not interfere with the device.

3. Detection range of up to 0-2 meters deep, hunt length of 20 km.

4. Receiver signal indicator light intensity and power to change color reminder.

5. The target line, whether in the cement board, the ceiling, the walls are not affected.

6. Transmitting and receiving power can be adjusted according to the actual situation of small.

7. Launcher large-capacity lithium battery-powered, rechargeable use.

Functional Description:

1. Locate the cable path in the underground cable wall.

2. Transmitter transmit signal strength adjustable (from 0-2 meters).

3. Find single wire, 2 core and multi-core wire.

4. Positive and negative polarity.

5. Transmitter with charging mode.


1. Cable wiring, integrated wiring of the weak line system.

2. Communication lines, home decoration system.

3. Telephone systems, computer networks and other areas related to metal wire installation and maintenance of practical tools.

packing list:
1. Transmitter --- 1 set
2. Receiver --- 1 set
3. 9V battery --- one
4. Rechargeable battery --- 1 pc
5. Headset --- 1
6. Charging head - 1 个
7. USB charging cable --- 1 pcs
8. User's Manual --- 1 copy
9. Certificate / warranty card --- 1
10 special bags --- 1
11. Packing box --- 1