Dongbao needles | Insulin pen needles 6mm*70 | Gan Shulin diabetes injection needles

Dongbao needles | Insulin pen needles 6mm*70 | Gan Shulin diabetes injection needles

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Origin: tonghua
  • Medical device product name: insulin needles
  • Brand: Toho
  • Model: 0.25x6mm
  • Value-added services: genuine
  • Execution standard: YZB/4273-2010
  • Disease: hypoglycemia in diabetes
  • Glucose supplies: supplies insulin insulin injection pen + insulin pen needles blood glucose instruments supplies accessories
  • Application group: open adult children aged
  • Color: "35" 5 boxes of Toho needle disinfection cotton +50 cotton +50 "77" needle 10 boxes of Toho +1 Germany bei Brown cotton +100 needle 6mm+100 alcohol swabs "70" needle 10 boxes of Toho +100 +100 alcohol cotton swab + electronic thermometer
  • Approval number: food drug armed (prospective) 2011 No. 3150501
  • Manufacturer: tonghua dongbao pharmaceutical company limited
  • Why import: no

Over 100 hospital with cold ice packs the chain. Ease of travel, cold-chain of insulin saved. (A limited number, after delivering what!)

About Toho needles package valid for less than 4 years, not consistent with manual annotation is valid ...

"Manufacturers reply":

Instructions: use the period of 4 years, is valid for 4 years from the production date.
Packaging: packaging date/expiry date is loading time.
Why the product imported packaging products, at the time of packaging, made in China, according to the batch number and expiry date that corresponds to the new code, in order to distinguish between batches, add date
Smaller labels: the internal label, why the original labels, within the validity period of the package is the most accurate

The "Note" we are below the line hundreds of chain pharmacies, shops sell dongbao needles all vertical supply by the manufacturer, primary sources, no middlemen to make the difference. Batch expiration date updates fast, fresh dates, may feel relieved the stock.