Dongbao needle | insulin syringe needles 6mm * 70pcs | GanShuLin Pen Diabetes Injection Needles

Dongbao needle | insulin syringe needles 6mm * 70pcs | GanShuLin Pen Diabetes Injection Needles

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Origin: Tonghua County
  • Medical Devices Product Name: Insulin Needles
  • Brand: Toho
  • Model: 0.25 × 6mm
  • Value-added services: authentic
  • Implementation of the standard number: YZB / country 4273-2010
  • Diseases: Hypoglycemia Diabetes
  • Blood glucose supplies: insulin injection supplies insulin pen + needle insulin pen blood glucose instrument blood glucose supplies accessories
  • Applicable to the crowd: not limited to adult children aged
  • Color Classification: '35 only '5 boxes Dongbao needle +50 sterile cotton piece +50 cotton swab '77 '10 box Dongbao needle +1 box Germany Berenger needle 6mm +100 alcohol cotton piece +100 cotton swab '70 only '10 Box Dongbao needle +100 alcohol cotton +100 cotton swab + electronic thermometer
  • Approval number: State Food and Drug Administration armed (quasi) word 2011 No. 3150501
  • Production enterprises: Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Whether to import: No

On the Dongbao pin box on the validity period of less than 4 years, with the description of the labeling period is inconsistent ...

'Factory replies':

Instructions: the use of a period of 4 years, from the date of production to valid for 4 years.
On the packaging: the date of packing / validity, is the time of packaging.
The product is imported packaging products, in the packaging, the Chinese side will be based on the corresponding lot number and validity period, re-coding, in order to distinguish batches, increase the date of sub-packaging
Small labels: the internal label, the original label, the validity of the packaging is the most accurate

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