2016 new three-piece suit female summer fashion loose chiffon vest pantyhose was thin chiffon wide leg pants

2016 new three-piece suit female summer fashion loose chiffon vest pantyhose was thin chiffon wide leg pants

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: AAVVMODERN / Mount Induced
  • Material: 100% Other
  • Product Number: MZ1602
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Color Category: White Black
  • Size: M (spot sale, gift shipping insurance belt) L (spot sale, gift shipping insurance belt) XL (spot sale, gift shipping insurance belt) XXL (stock sale, gift shipping insurance Belt)
  • Listing Year season: 2016 Summer

Since the wide leg pants turned out and then quickly occupied trends, thick legs star who really represents happy to not work. Leg requires almost zero does not say, but also not perfect modified leg type, so what was the defect cover gave strict real tight, and sometimes can produce the illusion of long legs meter eighty, people simply want to take off ~Initially the company is considering to Hangzhou early summer morning and evening temperature is still a little bit cold, so the fabric is used in a double linen + stretch chiffon, and we will probably do a 500, with many getting into the summer with our customer service MM reflect the double fabric a bit thick, not suitable for regular summer wear, after all, the temperature difference between the North and South still have other, after this reflects the company responsible for the first time to contact the factory purchasing a school called composite fabrics cloth from a new playing board improvement, after but let it back to life, looks exceptionally harmonious. so I decided wide leg pants Switch Single-layer composite fabric + chiffon made pantyhose style. Have to say, improved fabric either from breathable, solid color, are particularly good, Both reached the same suit pants with very broad sense there drape. Many kinds of fabrics are excellent microfiber textile processing at a specific and unique dyeing and finishing, and then processed by a 'composite' equipment from composite fabric application of the 'new synthetic' high-tech and new materials, with the performance Compared to ordinary suit fabrics, the clothes while maintaining good color fastness, not easy to wrinkle, smooth feel, etc., do not sweat it also abandoned, prone to static electricity and other shortcomings~

Above ankle length pantyhose, really is the most appropriate length, exposing delicate ankle, I was giving a leg, the pants are not long enough, the illusion was thin significantly higher nor procrastination!