4-way wireless monitoring suit home Monitor | HD supermarket store surveillance system | remote monitoring equipment

4-way wireless monitoring suit home Monitor | HD supermarket store surveillance system | remote monitoring equipment

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Memory capacity: 1TB 2TB 3TB 500GB None
  • Brand: TIKAL / Tikal
  • Model: C2
  • Smart Type: Other
  • Surveillance cameras large ones: 12345678
  • Warranty: 3 years

Upgrade 1.3 million pixels, bringing more high-definition experience!

During the May anniversary, multiple surprises activities!

Activity One: the SF, less than the area by other express delivery, freight difference refundable;

Activity Two: photographed up by 30 yuan, only 369 yuan package all the way;

Three activities: making 500G we send 1000G, the equivalent of giving 500G capacity.

1. cameras, video recorders are Using 5DB antenna , Effectively guarantee the stability and strength of the radio;

2. The camera generally used in an outdoor environment, we Weatherproof outdoor use 12V power supply And the power baffle gap is small, effective way to eliminate geckos and cockroaches crawl cause power short-circuit;

3.High-intensity infrared light, integrated gimbal So that the camera is not only effective, but also easy to use;

4.Dual antenna NVR , Signal strength than the single antenna VCR more than 38%;

Previously, the first generation of wireless sets , VCR through cables need to VCR, video camera recorders need to use a computer set up a wireless connection, the Professional-level monitoring;

Now, the second generation of wireless sets , Factory cameras, video recorders have been successful docking, after purchase, direct plug can then display the images without complicated settings, people will make use of monitoring;
We give a solid commitment:

1.Simple to use , Then plug the monitor screen there;

2. Whether the day, quality Clear and smooth;

3. Wireless Stable distance , Found through the wall block 2 - 3 after 30 meters of normal use;

Wireless network without the need to monitor, if necessary outside the network to watch the VCR connected to the router, each will have a separate recorder ID number, using specialized software, enter the ID number, user name, password remote viewing! More We need to know can contact Tikal technology!

Default shipping 3.6mm, 4mm lens and the screen angle similar effect, you need to select a different lens be sure to contact customer service to inform friends!