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Home Surveillance Equipment High-definition wireless monitoring suite | Supermarket mall video surveillance

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Product parameters:

  • Memory capacity: 1TB 2TB 3TB 500GB None
  • Brand: TIKAL / Tikal
  • Model: C2
  • Intelligence Type: Other
  • Number of surveillance cameras: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  • Warranty period: 3 years

Upgrade 1.3 million pixels, bringing a more high-definition experience!

May during the anniversary, multiple surprise activities!

Activities: Shun Feng 包邮, less than the regional reform of other courier, not refund the freight price difference;

Activity 2: photographed by 30 yuan, all the way to set only 369 yuan;

Activity three: shoot 500G we made 1000G, the equivalent of giving 500G capacity.

1. Camcorders, video recorders are Using 5DB antenna , Effectively guarantee the stability and strength of wireless;

2. Cameras are generally used in outdoor environments for us Use 12V outdoor rain power , And the power baffle gap is small, effectively eliminate gecko, cockroaches and other crawling into the lead to power short-circuit;

3.High-intensity infrared light, integrated universal bracket , So that the camera is not only effective, easy to use;

4.Dual Antenna NVR , Which is more than 38% stronger than that of single antenna video recorder.

Before the first generation of wireless sets , VCR need to network cable to the VCR, the camera need to set up a wireless connection to the computer video recorder, a professional-level monitoring;

Now, the second generation wireless set , The factory camera, video recorder has been docked successfully, after purchase, directly plug the monitor can be connected to the screen, without cumbersome settings, so people will use the monitoring;
We give a solid commitment:

1.Easy to use , Plug the monitor will have access to screen;

2. Regardless of day, picture quality Clear and smooth;

3. Wireless Stable distance , Measured through the wall 2 - 3 block 30 meters after normal use;

No need to network to achieve wireless monitoring, if you need to watch the Internet, the video recorder connected to the router, each VCR will have a separate ID number, the use of professional software, enter the ID number, user name, password to remote viewing! Need to know can contact Tikal technology!

Default shipping 3.6mm, and the screen in the 4mm lens effect angle similar to the need to select other lens friends must contact customer service to inform!