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Sub-ink wood 1.76 m tea table solid wood antique Chinese elm furniture tea tables and chairs combination Kung Fu tea sets lengthened

Product code: -72243300030
Unit price 300.66-665.27$
Sold quantity 864
Available stock 6180
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Product parameters:

  • Packing volume: -
  • Brand: Sub-ink
  • Model: 1.76 meters tea table
  • Availability: Yes
  • Whether assembled: packed
  • Number of doors: no door
  • Color Classification: Single Table + Induction Cooker 1 Table 6 Dining Chair + Induction Cooker 1 Table 8 Dining Chair + Induction Cooker 1 Table 1 Guandao Chair 4 Dining Chair + Induction Cooker 1 Table 1 Chair 4 Dining Chair + Induction Cooker 1 Table 4 + Induction Cooker 1 table 4 official hat chair + to send Cooker 1 table 6 lap chair + send Cooker default
  • Style: Ming and Qing classical
  • Origin: Zhejiang Province
  • City: Shaoxing City
  • Can be customized: No
  • Material: wood
  • Wood Material: elm
  • Installation: Installed

Handed down quality, classic achievements.

- Sub-Mexican Wood -

This life only for Chinese solid wood furniture and survival.


Ingredients: elm

Surface technology: plant painting

Workmanship: classic polished

Detailed size see baby details map.

Our furniture materials are all elm material, color can be with the buyers will, in the details of the color plate at the top.

Shop furniture package free package of wooden transport.

Shop furniture, all for the tenon and nail gun nail structure, the basic goods are assembled all the goods shipped, that is, the entire delivery. Small parts bulk shipping, assembly is very convenient,

OUR furniture are sold by solid wood without stickers, pure elm boutique, reliable quality.

Restaurant furniture, although the standard web page shipping 0.1 yuan, the actual payment for the buyer to pay, all goods issued by the logistics company since the reunification.

All furniture due to solid wood features, there will be insect eyes, small cracks, small cracks, special furniture solid wood furniture have left a contraction joint, due to four seasons heat up and shrink to prevent furniture burst.