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TP-Link TD-W89941N wireless router one machine through the wall 450M telephone line broadband cat Modem

TP-Link TD-W89941N wireless router one machine through the wall 450M telephone line broadband cat Modem
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: TP-Link / Punt Technology TD-W ...
  • Brand: TP-Link / Cape Union technology
  • TP-Link Model: TD-W89941N Enhanced
  • color: black
  • Whether wireless: wireless
  • Wireless transmission speed: 450Mbps
  • Cable transmission rate: 10 / 100Mbps
  • Wireless transmission rate: 450Mbps
  • Network standard: 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n 802.3u 802.3
  • Wireless network support frequency: 2.4G
  • Applicable to: broadband VPN router broadband router home
  • Number of USB ports: Not supported
  • Whether to support VPN: support
  • Yes No Built-in firewall: Yes
  • Whether to support WDS: support
  • Whether to support WPS: not supported
  • Removable: not removable
  • Service: Genius
  • Condition: New
  • Packing volume: 230 * 144 * 35
  • Gross weight: 1kg

Do not support vpn, Taobao system parameters are many of the wrong we can not change to our following information shall prevail, is the telephone line with the network, the fiber is not one machine.

This section is the baby wireless rate 2.4G, 450M, is the band in the wireless rate is high.

TD-W89941N enhanced set of ADSL2 +, 450M wireless router in one, at the same time with ADSL2 + Modem and 450M wireless router all the features, simple and integrated design, so that sharing the Internet simple, fresh desktop.

TD-W89941N enhanced unique broadband access mode selection, support telephone line (ADSL) and residential broadband (LAN) two broadband access, to meet the user different broadband access.

TD-W89941N enhanced for domestic IPTV applications for a professional software design, support for dynamic allocation, PPPoE and other IPTV access, users can easily access IPTV.
TD-W89941N enhanced use of high-profile 3 * 3MIMO architecture, external PA, LNA RF chip, is 2.4GHz band fast wireless router, mobile phone, Pad, set-top box, notebook ... ... access equipment, transmission efficient, smooth data. HD video on demand, want to see to see, internal data transmission, speed Chang enjoy.
Note: This product is not fiber-one machine, TP did not produce fiber-one machine, do not buy the wrong Oh
Protocol standards
• IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b
• IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
• ANSI T1.413, ITU G.992.1, ITU G.992.2, ITU G.992.3, ITU G.992.5
Wireless rate
• 450Mbps
ADSL rate
• Down: 24Mbps (ADSL2 +), 8Mbps (ADSL)
• Upstream: 1Mbps
• 3 10 / 100M adaptive LAN ports (Auto MDI / MDIX)
• One 10 / 100M adaptive WAN / LAN port (Auto MDI / MDIX)
• One RJ11 port
• Power switch button
• Reset button
• SYS system status indicator
• Internet status indicator
• ADSL status indicator
• Port Link / Act indicator
• 3 external omnidirectional
Operating status
• Basic operating status
• DSL status
•Traffic Statistics
• Wireless host status
ADSL parameters
• ADSL mode: T1.413, G.lite, G.dmt, ADSL2, ADSL2 +, Multimode
• Annex type: A, L, M, A / L / M
• Virtual circuit parameter setting
basic skills
•wireless switch
• SSID broadcast switch
• WDS switch
• SSID number setting
• Channel selection: Auto, 1-13
• Wireless mode available: 11b only, 11g only, 11n only, 11bg mixed, 11bgn mixed
• Bandwidth: Auto, 20MHz, 40MHz
• WDS wireless bridging.
Wireless security
• Wireless MAC address filtering
• Wireless safety function switch
• 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption
• WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK security mechanism
Other functions
• Support for wireless roaming
• Wireless host status display
Practical function
• IP bandwidth control
• Peanut shells DDNS
•Parental Controls
• Internet behavior control
Network settings
• WAN port rate / mode setting
• Gateway settings
• MAC address clone
• DSL parameter settings
• PVC automatic detection
DHCP settings
• DHCP server
•Client List
• Static address allocation
• DHCP address pool settings
Port forwarding
•virtual server
•Special Applications
• DMZ host
• UPnP settings
Security Settings
• IP is bound to MAC address
• MAC address filtering
• Stateful Inspection Firewall (SPI), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Application Layer Gateway (ALG) applications
• LAN WEB management
• Remote Web management
System Management
• System log
•time setting
• Router management control settings
•backup and load configuration
•software upgrade
•Diagnostic tools
•Restart the router
Packaging accessories
• One shared Internet access machine TD-W89941N enhanced
• A power adapter
• A quick installation guide
• A warranty card
• One cable
• A voice splitter
• Two telephone lines
Use the environment
• Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C
• Storage temperature: -40 ° C to 70 ° C
• Operating humidity: 10% to 90% RH non-condensing
• Storage humidity: 5% to 90% RH non-condensing
(TD-W89941N) ADSL wireless routing mode how to set up?

In the telephone line access environment, use ADSL Wireless router can achieve network sharing, for the LAN computer, mobile phones, notebooks and other terminals to provide wired, wireless network. ADSL Method of setting wireless router mode.

You can also refer to the router Internet settings video tutorial, please contact online customer service:

ADSL One machine share network topology as follows:

note: If there is no splitter, connect the telephone line directly to the router ADSL mouth.

1, Connecting lines

According to the topology map ADSL Wireless router access to the network environment, turn on the power and confirm the wiring is correct. After receiving the telephone line, make sure ADSL The indicator light from flash to bright, otherwise check the telephone line or change the equipment test line is normal.

2, Set the operation of the computer

Before setting up the router, you need to set the operation computer to be automatically acquired IP address.

1, Enter the management address

Open the browser, empty the address bar and enter it Tplogin.cn (The management page of the router) , The carriage return pop-up box.

2, Log management interface

If it is the first time you log in, you need to set the management password of the router.If you have set the management password, please enter the password directly into the management interface.

If you enter the management address, you can not log management interface, please change the computer ip and router in a network segment:

1, Choose access mode

After entering the management interface of the router, click Setup Wizard , Choose ADSL Access (phone line): Set the device toADSL Wireless routing mode , Click Next step.

2, Set PVC parameter

Click search for , To be searched PVC Value, click The next step If the automatic search fails, please consult the carrier specific PVC Values ​​and entered manually.

3, Choose the Internet way

Internet access options PPPoE (ADSL Virtual dialing) , Click The next step.

note :If it is other Internet access, then select the appropriate mode to fill in the corresponding parameters to continue the following settings.

4, Enter the broadband account and password

Fill in the corresponding set box to the carrier's broadband account and password, and make sure that the account password is entered correctly (case sensitive).

5, Set the wireless parameters

Set the wireless network name, select WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK And set it password , Click The next step.

6, Set IPTV Features

Not checked Enabled IPTV Features , Click The next step.

note: Not openIPTV Function, ITV Mouth can be connected to the normal use of the computer.

7, Confirm the parameters, save the configuration

in Parameter summary In the parameters to determine the correct click save.

8, The setup is complete

Wait for configuration to complete, click carry out.

note: Some cases will be prompted Reboot, Follow the prompts.

After setting, enter the router management interface, click Home , View Internet connection , Such as IP The address is not0.0.0.0, It means that the settings are successful.

in case IP address for0.0.0.0, Please contact the operator to check the broadband account password:

in case IP address Get normal, but the computer can not access the Internet, please delete the broadband connection, the computer changed automatically get ip

At this point, the network connection is successful, the router has been set up to complete the need for Internet computers, mobile phones directly connected to the router or wireless connection set up a good wireless signal, no other operation to the Internet.