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Leo DJW12-7 12V7AH battery | UPS power supply built-in battery | fire main battery

Leo DJW12-7 12V7AH battery | UPS power supply built-in battery | fire main battery
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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: LEOCH
  • Model: DJW12-7

Leoch DJW12-7 is made of corrosion-resistant, high-quality unique grid alloy formulation and active substance formula, with special structural design, unique gas re-combination technology and special partition and tight assembly structure. Strict production process Industrial control, quality Protection of software technology to the battery has the following characteristics:

♦ Long battery life Under normal use, LEOCH battery DJ series floating charge design life of up to 16 years, DJM and DJW series floating charge design life of up to 12 years.

♦ The self-discharge rate of the battery is very low, and the self-discharge rate is less than 1.8% at room temperature for 25 days.

♦ Adequate capacity, 100% capacity and uniformity of voltage and capacity of the battery, and the voltage imbalance of the whole group of battery without cathodic adsorption.

♦ Wide operating temperature range The battery can be used in the temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ The LEOCH battery adopts the unique alloy formula and the lead paste formula, has excellent discharge performance at low temperature, has strong corrosion resistance under high temperature performance.

◆ Sealing performance: to ensure the safety and sealing performance of the battery during the service life of the battery, no pollution, no corrosion, the battery can be laid down, put up stand use, the sealed structure of the battery can synthesize the water, The use of the process without water, no maintenance.

♦ Good electroconductivity.It adopts silver-plated copper terminal, which has excellent electrical conductivity, so that the battery can discharge at high current.

♦ High charging capacity, fast charge and capacity recovery.

♦ Safe and reliable explosion-proof exhaust system, which can eliminate the phenomenon of battery case failure caused by over-pressure when Leos battery is not in normal use.

Li Shi battery products use:

1, UPS uninterruptible power supply 2, the communication system 3 power system

4, the railway system 5 emergency lighting system 6 computer backup power supply

7, automatic control system 8, fire and security alarm system 9 solar, wind energy systems

10, medical system equipment

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Product Features
1. Long life. 2. Self-discharge rate is very low.
3. Adequate capacity. 4. The use of a wide temperature range.
5. Sealing performance. 6. Good electrical conductivity.
7. Recharge ability to accept. 8. Safe and reliable explosion-proof exhaust system.
Multi-purpose 2. Uninterruptible power supply 3. Electronic energy systems
4. Emergency standby power supply 5. Emergency lights 6. Railway signal
7. Aeronautical Signals 8. Security system 9. Electronic equipment and equipment
10. Call the system power 11. DC power supply 12. Automatic control system

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