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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Legrand / Legrand
  • Model: switch socket set
  • Switch socket options: five holes
  • Electrical and electronic product type: 86 type
  • Warranty period: 11 years (inclusive) - 15 years (inclusive)
  • (White gold) five-hole (Milan gold) Yidian five holes (ice) official five holes (white) K5 five holes (classic white) official opening of a single control (Yabai) official sector one (fine white gold) Yidian five holes (fine gold pattern) Single-control (Gold) Yidian open one-way control (sand silver) Shi Dian opened a single control (Magnolia white) Shi Dian a single control (Milan gold) Yidian a single control K5 open a single control (classic white) Yidian a single control (fine gold pattern) Yidian a single control (alcohol sand steel)
  • City services: city logistics door-to-door

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