Litfly Lita Fu | vacuum lotion bottles | transparent vacuum travel bottle points bottling Essence bottle | Portable

Litfly Lita Fu | vacuum lotion bottles | transparent vacuum travel bottle points bottling Essence bottle | Portable

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Litfly vacuum lotion bottle
  • Color Classification: 15ml 30ml 50ml
  • Beauty tools Category: Other / other
  • Beauty Tools varieties: Other / other
  • Brand: Litfly
  • Makeup / beauty tools single product: vacuum lotion bottle
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin
  • made in China
  • Shelf life: 3 years

Brand: Litfly / Lita Fu
name: Vacuum emulsion points bottling

Three sizes optional, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml


Origin: China Price:
For the crowd: Any crowd Especially tourism, travel MM
product description:

Bottle design compact, portable, anytime, anywhere; with a protective cover, the liquid does not leak out, easy to worry; for dispensing lotion, cream, face cream, etc., are traveling easy to carry home a good helper. there is a large bottle of the stuff is really inconvenient to carry out, now, with this vial bottle you'll never worry about it. the new design of the vacuum bottle, cut off the air, it has not waste a drop of the emulsion, clean and sanitary! If you are to travel, travel, and that this is appropriate, but it


1. Wash the dry sub-bottling

2.The cleanser /Body Wash /Washing milk /Dishwashing liquid /Shampoo ...And other liquid detergent into the bottle

3.Gently press can use


1, Do not use higher 45C° The Shuitang, Avoid scorch or cause deformation;

2Recommended pro with a cleanser or a mild detergent to clean, then rinse ventilated place to dry;

3Do not go near the fire source, avoid sun exposure, otherwise it will reduce the short life of the bottle, oh.

Filling Notice:

Vacuum bottles do not need a straw, the bottom of the piston, the piston will be pushed up as the liquid is pressed, when the piston reaches the top can be used when an elongated thing (Such as chopsticks )Slowly pushed the plunger down to enable repeated recycling, the use of vacuum bottles to be filled (Vacuum port to encounter prevail ),Otherwise, no squeezing phenomenon occurs.

Vacuum bottle is pressed without straw! Emulsion during extrusion, sealing seat bottom moves up, just like we usually use the same vacuum Cream bottle. If you are going dressed actual capacity is less than the capacity of the bottle, for example, 10ml Points bottling intend to replace 3ml Foundation, first with a needle to poke holes in the bottom of the bottle to push the piston up to the position you want, then your baby can fill the bottom of the bottle has a small hole. When all the pressure of the emulsion used up, the bottle empty, open head, with a small bar to the bottom plug is pushed down in the end, you can then re-loaded with the emulsion~