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Bull switch socket socket 86 - type five - hole home wall - mounted power supply 5 - hole decorative socket panel

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: BULL / Bulls
  • Model: G07 white series
  • Switch socket options: five holes
  • Electrical and electronic product type: 86 type
  • Warranty period: 11 years (inclusive) - 15 years (inclusive)
  • Color Classification: Positive five hole oblique five hole seven hole USB five hole 16A three hole air conditioning 16A five hole 16A one opening three hole one opening five hole two opening five hole one opening single control one open double control two to open the single control two to open two controls Two open multi-control three open single control three open double control four open single control four open dual control telephone television computer white waterproof box transparent waterproof box blank panel
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