Cotton 2016 in early autumn the new shirt collar sweater women | Contrast fake two piece collar base sweater women

Cotton 2016 in early autumn the new shirt collar sweater women | Contrast fake two piece collar base sweater women

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material composition: cotton 78% polyamide (nylon) 22%
  • Sales channel: pure e-commerce (online sales)
  • Style: commuting
  • Item no: 277605053
  • Brand: cotton
  • Clothing style: straight
  • Thickness: General
  • Style: hedging
  • Combined form: single piece
  • Length: General
  • Sleeve length: long sleeve
  • Collar: other
  • Sleeve type: conventional
  • Pattern: other
  • Garment details: mosaic
  • Features: warm heat
  • Yarn weight: conventional wool
  • Fabric: cotton
  • Fabric material content: 71% (included)-80% (inclusive)
  • For ages: 25-29
  • Year/season: the fall of 2016
  • Color: Milky Mint green light beige gray lemon yellow sapphire blue lotus root starch
  • Size: 155/S 160/M 165/L 170/XL

Although hot and dry summer has not completely gone, but all major brands are already on the 16AW show,

Says this is the sweater hot year backlog this fall and winter is finally poised for a long time,

Take the course of light this year when fast, Bright colors In order to inject fresh vitality into dreary autumn/winter.

78% cotton +22% gold nylon blend

Treated cotton fabric requirements in early autumn and higher is required that is both comfortable and durable characteristics such as skin, the fabric is a big test,

Natural is for some reason not cotton to ensure comfort and durability cannot be dropped.

Mix a small amount of nylon to ensure clothing wear abrasion, and has an excellent shaping properties,

After repeated washing can still spread as new, not too many annoying wrinkles, texture can be maintained for a long time new clothes.

Featured 78% high quality cotton So clothing comfort and skin a conditionally available, soft touch,

From the fabric and hand early on can feel the sincerity of the cotton in early autumn and winter wear can easily cope with.

Fake two piece design and identity of a conditionally available

Sweater this item, in the autumn and winter seasons are summer t-shirt-like exists, versatile and smart.

So wearing the conditionally available is a science, Fake two piece sweater , Create a unique visual lies

By comparing the colors and distinctive trim to reflect this effect, compared to the plain of ' flow ' more recognizable.

Large woven plain, modest style, neckline, cuffs and bottom Bai uses Contrast color stitching design,

Unique two-tiered collar Internal design is a small lapel, shirt collar styling, age is unique, fashionable plus.

Parachute siping knitting method, the outer rib and two layers of neck and body, collar turned down more natural,

Set of lines is not tight, collar after several adjustments, parachute modify angle adjustment, the upper part of beautiful and comfortable.

Unique effect of the false sense of visual illusion of impact on the two more intriguing and versatile single switch with a variety of styles.