Ran Duo Wig | anti-frizz care solution ★ ★ ★ 100ml protein nutrition repair honey

Ran Duo Wig | anti-frizz care solution ★ ★ ★ 100ml protein nutrition repair honey

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  • Product Name: Ran duo care solution
  • Brand: Ran duo
  • Wig single product: care solution

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Ran Duo anti-frizz wig care solution ★ ★ ★ 100ml protein nutrition repair honey

Wig care solution is used for daily care, not to wash the wig. There are really made of human blood nutritional supplements, wig care solution is to rely on nutritional supplements. Before use, shake slightly to spray a little above the wig, gently used hand comb, OK. wool dry, anti-drying, anti-knot of anti-old.

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Please Shake before use (which is two layers

Ultra-smooth, moisturizing maintenance split glossy, non-stick dust sunscreen suitable for any hair, containing five times the super-smooth silicone natural moisturizing factor, increase the brightness of the hair to eliminate hair dryness, hair prevent moisture loss, and treatment damaged hair follicle cells, clear hair easy to accumulate dirt and fresh and not greasy, smooth smooth paste, easy to clean, fresh and bright unique show effect to show more feminine fragrance romantic temperament. this product contains amino acid protein and a variety of plant nutrients, maintenance blanching because dye damaged hair, improve damaged hair structure, so dry, yellow, split ends, damaged hair is fixed, can prevent static electricity, often used to restore hair black, naturally luster.

Usage: hair hair is dry or semi-dry hair condition, the check amount to between hair spray, styling comb to (Shake before use)

True and false hair real hair apply!!