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3M resistance to fitness Kang Nexcare invisible acne paste integrated |

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: 3M invisible acne paste 36 stickers
  • Color classification:
  • Brand: 3M
  • Name: invisible acne paste 36 stickers
  • Effect: other / other
  • Origin: Taiwan Province

'Brand' 3M 'Origin' of Taiwan
'name'Invisible acne paste integrated 'Colour'
'specification'36 posted 'Packaging' boxed
'Shelf life' five years 'For the crowd' of all people
'Instructions' 1, first clean hands and acne parts, and to be dry.
2, on the backing paper to take acne invisible stickers, and affixed to the acne, the light side and fixed position.
3, in the acne invisible color completely transparent by the transparent white (that had been absorbed secretions), please replace.
4, unused acne invisible paste, to be stored in a cool dry place.
5, for makeup, please paste on the makeup before.

Nexcare invisible acne paste 'hidden' means that the hydrophilic colloid characteristics close to the skin color and transparent, is not easy to be affixed to the skin to be aware of. Acne paste is transparent yellow, close to most of the skin color , But for the skin is relatively white or black people, after the paste from the 'invisible' is still some distance, if the foundation can be divided into several different depths as the color number just fine.